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Mermaid Dreams

I’ve been lazy these last few weeks. Or maybe just tired. Whichever is true, fact is that I haven’t done much in and around the house. Just the bare basics. And some days not even those. That’s as far as … Continue reading

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The other day, I wrote a lullaby for one of my EDS-friends, for we’re no strangers to sleepless nights. lullaby the sheets are clean the pillows fluffed and night’s song fills my ears curled up on the blankets a little … Continue reading

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May is Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month, so here’s a little poem I wrote about EDS the other day. bendy fingers dislocate countless times a day shoulders sublux only twice or thrice doorframes pop up out of nowhere to bar my way … Continue reading

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Little writing secrets

Life with Ehlers-Danlos is funny. One moment you’re fine. The next, you discover you subluxed a shoulder but didn’t notice until it got inflamed, and then you’re screwed, of course. You end up with your arm in a sling, unable … Continue reading

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