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My new bedroom

Remember the Loft Project? Almost two years ago, my guy and our older daughter moved into their brand new rooms in the loft. The master bedroom became a TV-room, and I slept in our cupboard sized guest room for the … Continue reading

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Just a couple more things

We started working on DD-15’s room about two months ago. After we moved out her furniture, DD-20 and I painted the walls, ripped out the old vinyl flooring and installed new laminate flooring. I found DD-15 a nice pre-loved mirror … Continue reading

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Easy groceries

Running a Family B&B is a lot of work. That’s one thing I found out after being on the job for just three days. The alarm goes at seven and I start working the moment I get out of bed. … Continue reading

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Share the love

Since I embraced the challenge to start living a simpler life and becoming a minimalist (no, I’m still not there yet) I learned many new things. I discovered a whole new way of living. A way of living that makes … Continue reading

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Free clothes

Close to two months ago, I became a member of a local donating group. They set up this group on facebook, where you can offer things you don’t want or need anymore, so others can have them. For free. Well, … Continue reading

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More treasures

When I was a child, we didn’t have central heating. We had gas furnaces, and only in the living room and dining room. The other rooms were not heated. Life was simple back then. I used to love sitting by … Continue reading

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Decorating for autumn

DD-19 has been nagging me for quite while. “Mum, I’d really like to have a seasonal table or something like that, so we can celebrate the change of seasons with fresh seasonal decorations.” She had a point, and really, I’m … Continue reading

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