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New Home Tour

I know, I know. You probably thought I’d fallen off the edge of the world, but no. The world is still round and today I suddenly remembered I still had this blog. So. Yeah. I’ve been enjoying myself insanely these … Continue reading

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A new beginning

It’s true then. What’s more, I’m finally starting to feel like I really did it – though I never thought I would. But I did and it feels good. My new apartment – although not nearly finished yet – already … Continue reading

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After the move

Last Monday was the big day. No, the house wasn’t ready yet. Not by a long shot, but the living room and two of the bedrooms were ready enough. So the movers came and my furniture plus a staggering amount … Continue reading

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From cupboard to laundry room

Once upon a time, we had a cupboard on the landing. The cupboard was not loved and became a dumping ground for all the things a family might want to dump somewhere out of sight. To facilitate the dumping, we … Continue reading

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Down the drains

Wet smelly socks. That’s what the bathroom smelled like. Of course I did the obvious thing: I attacked Mt Washmore. To no avail. Indeed, the smell got even worse. So I took to the next sensible step. I cleaned the … Continue reading

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Wood workshop

Soon after I finished my very successful pantry makeover, I decided I would allow myself to take on one major project a month. Sure, we’ve come a long way since the girls and I decided to finally tackle The Hoard … Continue reading

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My new bedroom

Remember the Loft Project? Almost two years ago, my guy and our older daughter moved into their brand new rooms in the loft. The master bedroom became a TV-room, and I slept in our cupboard sized guest room for the … Continue reading

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