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Working Towards Minimalism

July 2008. I’d been FLYing off and on for a couple of years already, and at the time I really thought my house wasn’t too bad. So we had three computers in the living room, but that’s only to be … Continue reading

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ToDo lists

Remember I opened my very own Suburban Family Bread & Breakfast? I set my working hours from seven AM till eleven AM, and then again from about four PM till after supper. It didn’t work out. I already wore myself … Continue reading

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Recycling organised

Waste. It’s one of the not-so-pretty things that come with our modern lifestyle. Of course we can try to minimise the waste we create, and as an aspiring minimalist, I’m certainly trying, but let’s be honest here. When you’re decluttering, … Continue reading

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Facebook – The good, the bad and the ugly

I knew this was coming. I kept telling myself sweet white lies, but deep down there was just no denying it. Facebook had to go. So there you have it. “But why?” you ask, and here’s what’s behind my disappearance … Continue reading

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Just a couple more things

We started working on DD-15’s room about two months ago. After we moved out her furniture, DD-20 and I painted the walls, ripped out the old vinyl flooring and installed new laminate flooring. I found DD-15 a nice pre-loved mirror … Continue reading

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Easy groceries

Running a Family B&B is a lot of work. That’s one thing I found out after being on the job for just three days. The alarm goes at seven and I start working the moment I get out of bed. … Continue reading

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Clearing out the garage

Today was a great and special day at the Suburban Family B&B. Today, the Suburban Family B&B got rid of all this STUFF, that the hoarder hubby had been storing in a rented garage for the last decade or so, … Continue reading

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