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How long?

Yes, it’s been that long. Almost a year. A year of many changes. I moved into my new apartment. After we got rid of the roaches the previous tenant had kindly left behind. I was not amused. This apartment isn’t … Continue reading

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New Home Tour

I know, I know. You probably thought I’d fallen off the edge of the world, but no. The world is still round and today I suddenly remembered I still had this blog. So. Yeah. I’ve been enjoying myself insanely these … Continue reading

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Pantry Makeover

This month I decided to makeover my pantry. In the almost eleven years we’ve been living in this house, it had already seen several makeovers, but somehow King Chaos always managed to take over, so drastic measures seemed necessary. (And … Continue reading

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Save the chopping board

Wooden chopping boards. They’re an absolute necessity in my kitchen. A couple of years ago, when I had to replace the old one, I bought two cheap Ikea chopping boards. They may not be the best chopping boards around, but … Continue reading

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