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How long?

Yes, it’s been that long. Almost a year. A year of many changes. I moved into my new apartment. After we got rid of the roaches the previous tenant had kindly left behind. I was not amused. This apartment isn’t … Continue reading

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Meet Artemis

Here she is. Our new family member, Artemis. Isn’t she perfectly adorable? Of course we weren’t going to have any more cats. We already had four, and that was quite enough. Then there was this bloke in one of my … Continue reading

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Today I’ve got something special to share with you. Have a great weekend!  

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The other day, I wrote a lullaby for one of my EDS-friends, for we’re no strangers to sleepless nights. lullaby the sheets are clean the pillows fluffed and night’s song fills my ears curled up on the blankets a little … Continue reading

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New Family Member

Meet Ezio, the latest addition to our family. Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, whose official name is Kokindje, is a Norwegian Forest Cat, born on the seventh of March this year. He is incredibly cute and stole our hearts the moment … Continue reading

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Small chores

Have you met my gorgeous guy, Shimi? He’s as sweet and loving as he’s beautiful, but he’s got one little problem. Or actually, it’s a rather huge problem, that nearly cost him his life a couple of years ago. He … Continue reading

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Decorating for autumn

DD-19 has been nagging me for quite while. “Mum, I’d really like to have a seasonal table or something like that, so we can celebrate the change of seasons with fresh seasonal decorations.” She had a point, and really, I’m … Continue reading

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