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How long?

Yes, it’s been that long. Almost a year. A year of many changes. I moved into my new apartment. After we got rid of the roaches the previous tenant had kindly left behind. I was not amused. This apartment isn’t … Continue reading

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New Home

The search is over. I found myself a new apartment, in a nice neighbourhood close my ex’s place, where the Junior Warrior will be living too. It’s a senior apartment on the top floor and of course there’s a lift, … Continue reading

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Liam goes Tiny

A bit unexpected perhaps, but then again, maybe not. Seeing that I’m going to have to move anyway, and I’ve been wanting to live in a Tiny House even before I ever heard of them, it shouldn’t come as such … Continue reading

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Starting over

I guess I should apologise for not posting in just about forever. I guess I should also promise to better my ways and post at least once a week from now on. So, I apo… Oh, who am I kidding? … Continue reading

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Minimalist meets hoarder

I’m on a decluttering spree again. Sure, the house is much better than it used to be, but it’s not enough. All the stuff I have to take care of just gets to me. The clutter, always creeping up on … Continue reading

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Meet Artemis

Here she is. Our new family member, Artemis. Isn’t she perfectly adorable? Of course we weren’t going to have any more cats. We already had four, and that was quite enough. Then there was this bloke in one of my … Continue reading

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Summer break

Sweltering hot days. Sweaty, breathless nights. Lots of dirty laundry. A home buzzing with activity. Overnight guests. Life is good. And of course, with the study doubling as guest room, I couldn’t always access my computer. Not that it mattered. … Continue reading

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