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Easy groceries

Running a Family B&B is a lot of work. That’s one thing I found out after being on the job for just three days. The alarm goes at seven and I start working the moment I get out of bed. … Continue reading

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Supermarket free?

The other day, my sweet friend Susan asked: “Haven’t read anything about your food shopping expeditions for a while. How is your budgeting and “England Here We Come” fund coming along?” This omission had to be remedied of course, so … Continue reading

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Crazy days

I have a confession to make. I fell off the bandwagon – and not just when it comes to blogging faithfully. I’ve had to (temporarily) give up on being supermarket free. Seeing that I planned on being supermarket free for … Continue reading

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No discount? Eat poop!

I am angry. Not just annoyed, but really and truly angry. I liked going to the health food shop. I honestly did. I liked that I didn’t have to listen to muzak there, and I liked being able to get … Continue reading

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Mead and more

Yesterday, I rode my bike to the market and bought fish and cheese. Today, I got my Spazmobile out and went to the health food shop for the rest of my groceries. My veggie bag contained some interesting veg again: … Continue reading

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Homemade bread

Going supermarket free presented me with several challenges, one of which was bread. It used to be so easy. The hubby would buy our organic bread at the supermarket and if we ran out, he’d go and buy us more. … Continue reading

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Thirteen weeks

We went supermarket free on March 14. It’s been thirteen weeks, and I’m still supermarket free. Well, apart from the two times I had to send the hubby on an emergency errand on a Sunday, because one of the members … Continue reading

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