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How long?

Yes, it’s been that long. Almost a year. A year of many changes. I moved into my new apartment. After we got rid of the roaches the previous tenant had kindly left behind. I was not amused. This apartment isn’t … Continue reading

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New Home

The search is over. I found myself a new apartment, in a nice neighbourhood close my ex’s place, where the Junior Warrior will be living too. It’s a senior apartment on the top floor and of course there’s a lift, … Continue reading

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Date balls revisited

Back in March 2014 I posted my recipe for Delicious Date Balls. Of course they’re still as delicious as ever, but you know what’s the really great thing about them? You don’t actually have to follow the recipe to get … Continue reading

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Plastic Free July

On the third of July I found out about this challenge called Plastic Free July, and if you know me, you know what happened next. Yes, I jumped in with both feet. Back when I was a child, plastic was … Continue reading

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Liam goes Tiny

A bit unexpected perhaps, but then again, maybe not. Seeing that I’m going to have to move anyway, and I’ve been wanting to live in a Tiny House even before I ever heard of them, it shouldn’t come as such … Continue reading

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Starting over

I guess I should apologise for not posting in just about forever. I guess I should also promise to better my ways and post at least once a week from now on. So, I apo… Oh, who am I kidding? … Continue reading

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New Home Tour

I know, I know. You probably thought I’d fallen off the edge of the world, but no. The world is still round and today I suddenly remembered I still had this blog. So. Yeah. I’ve been enjoying myself insanely these … Continue reading

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