New Home

The search is over. I found myself a new apartment, in a nice neighbourhood close my ex’s place, where the Junior Warrior will be living too. It’s a senior apartment on the top floor and of course there’s a lift, so I won’t have to conquer any stairs anymore.


Though I really hadn’t planned on moving so soon again, I’m really rather chuffed about this. And I’ve got big plans for this apartment.

I intend to convert the balcony into my own little piece of paradise, with lots of plants, a cosy seating area and netting to keep the cats from taking the plunge to freedom.

I could turn the spare bedroom into a private gym, complete with rubber flooring, one or more large mirrors, a pull up bar, weight bench and of course a punching bag. Sounds good? I thought so too. That should get my lazy arse moving.

But apart from the wants, there’s also some needs.

I need to install a wheelchair accessible kitchen, because it’s getting harder and harder for me to use a standard kitchen, which means I don’t do nearly as much cooking and baking as I’d like to.

I may need a wheelchair accessible bathroom too, but for the time being a simple Ikea Marius stool (which costs next to nothing) is a good enough shower stool for me. And seeing that I’m just a small guy, I really don’t want a high toilet. Nor do I need any grab bars. A low sink would be nice, but isn’t necessary yet, but my wrists insist that I get myself single-handle faucets in both the bathroom and the kitchen.

Obviously, since I only moved into my current apartment less than a year ago, I don’t have a ton of money to spend on my new apartment so I’ll have to think very carefully about what has to come first and what can wait. I may not be able to do any painting , e.g., but I can always do that later.

First things first.


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Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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3 Responses to New Home

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Looks like I have some catching up to do with your blog! You moved again. I hope this place will suit you better. It sounds lovely. In an odd way, I don’t mind moving. It really makes me sort through my things and keep what is really important and needed. Looking forward to seeing your new spot! Take care Liam!


  2. Kris says:

    May you be very happy there!

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