Date balls revisited

Back in March 2014 I posted my recipe for Delicious Date Balls.


Of course they’re still as delicious as ever, but you know what’s the really great thing about them?

You don’t actually have to follow the recipe to get great results. Yesterday, after making a bread pudding and a jar of avocado spread, I just wanted date balls with no fuss.

I had some fresh dates in the fridge and a couple of dried figs in a jar in my kitchen cupboard. I did not have any nuts. So what’s a guy to do?

First things first, I got my dates and figs in a bowl and drowned them in boiling water. I let them to soak for about an hour, which I figured should be enough. Meanwhile, I had a cup of tea, played a game on my laptop and thought about what to use instead of the nuts. I decided on oats.

I drained the dates and figs,  added oats, cocoa, coconut oil, vanilla extract and kirsch (because I was out of rum). I didn’t really bother about exact amounts, but instead just eyeballed it. Since I didn’t want to get my kitchen machine out – too much hassle – I grabbed my immersion blender and blended the heck out of the stuff, adding water as needed, until I got a cookiedough-like mixture.

Got my hands sticky rolling the dough into bite-sized balls, which I rolled in desiccated coconut until they were covered. I dunked my date balls in a tin, which I put in the fridge, because my delicious date balls were still a bit warm, thanks to my soaking them in hot water.


Sorry, blurry picture, but don’t they look tasty?

Well, they are. They probably won’t last long.


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One Response to Date balls revisited

  1. atkokosplace says:

    They really do look delightful. Love the tin. Super cute! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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