Laundry room update

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, I’m sure you’ll remember how I created a laundry room in the cupboard on the landing.

How it went from (actually worse than) this:

laundryroomTo this!

laundry-room(Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures. We get no natural light there, and my camera is really just a simple one.)

Last week I got around to finally prettying my laundry room up a bit. I found some laundry room art online (just do a picture search on laundry room and you’ll find oodles of cool pictures!) which I printed out, framed and hung on the walls.

laundryroom1I also put a hook in the wall to hang my ironing board. Since I don’t do a lot of ironing (hate it with a passion!) I only need this small Ikea ironing board. It doesn’t take up much space in my tiny laundry room and is ideal for my purposes.

I think the ironing room pictures look rather neat in my ironing corner.

laundryroom2And because I’m such a word nerd, I really had to hang a framed definition of the word laundry on the opposite wall. Just in case anyone might need the reminder. πŸ˜‰

laundryroom3But as with all DIY projects, not all went well. When I removed the painter’s tape after caulking the edges of the working surface, some of the wall paint came off. I haven’t had time to touch it up yet, but will do so as soon as I can.

caulkingDon’t you hate it when things like these happen?

Oh well. Here’s one final picture of our new laundry room in action.

laundryroom4Yes, we still need an electrical outlet in there, but I need to call in an electrician to do that job for me and frankly, I dread making the phone call. I hate the phone. As far as I’m concerned that’s just another necessary evil.

But enough moaning. I am totally in love with my laundry room – even with all its imperfections. It really takes a lot of the effort out of doing the laundry. No more sorting needed; the laundry gets sorted the moment it hits the baskets. All I have to do is pull out a basket once it’s full, put it in the laundry machine and transfer the laundry to the dryer or hang it to dry when it’s clean.

I admit to sometimes feeling guilty for having a tumble dryer but quite honestly, I need it. I could never stay on top of the laundry before. Now it’s easy. That sure makes me a happy guy.


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3 Responses to Laundry room update

  1. Kris Alexander says:

    Love that “Drop your pants here”… πŸ˜€


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