Back in the yard

Spring has finally come to the Family B&B, and today I celebrated the new season by going to the garden centre.

During the winter months, our back yard looked piteous. We had next to nothing growing in there, and with summer approaching, I felt sorry for what should be our little piece of paradise. So I decided to get me some nice plants.

As I’d been setting money apart – €10 a month since somewhere last year – I now had €110 to spend on garden supplies. Today I only spent a little over €40, so there’s still money left for one or two more trips to the garden centre. Which is a good thing, seeing that I’m going to need more plants.

This is what the back yard looked like before I put in the new plants. Sad and empty. Though I’m happy to report that my chives and rhubarb are thriving.

Another empty bed. But not for long.  With two little ferns and a lovely blue hydrangea the bed already looks much improved. I’m definitely gonna need more plants in there, however.

I planted three more lavender plants with the four I already had, and a white and blue clematis which I hope will grow fast and liven up the fence.

Two more ivy plants went in with the others, and finally I put lots of herbs in the bed where I already had my chives and chamomile.


Much better, even if I say so myself. I can hardly wait for my next trip to the garden centre, but easy does it.

I’ve still got lots of other things on my To-Do list.


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2 Responses to Back in the yard

  1. Kris says:

    Colourful! Enjoy spring, winter is creeping up on us here, but I like the cuddling and Pooch’s chubby body makes a great hot water bottle! Take care.

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    • Liam says:

      Thanks. I like how my little garden is coming along and am glad winter is over. I’ve been longing to be able to go outside and not freeze half to death. 😀


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