My new bedroom

Remember the Loft Project? Almost two years ago, my guy and our older daughter moved into their brand new rooms in the loft. The master bedroom became a TV-room, and I slept in our cupboard sized guest room for the time being.

Then, about a year ago, we finally got two more rooms built in the loft. A small bathroom (which is still as bare as when we first built it, and filled to overflowing with building materials and other stuff) and my new bedroom.

It wasn’t pretty to start with. So much stuff still needed either a new place in our home, or to be exiled forever.

bedroomEven so, I was happy with my new room, and the girls and I set to work. With most of the STUFF gone, it already looked much better.

bedroom2We put in laminate flooring.

laminateI painted the walls. White. I figured I could always paint over the white if and when I want a different colour.

We put in baseboards.

baseboardsI hung pretty purple curtains. Cheap ones from Ikea. Pretty doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

loftroom3I put shelves and a clothes’ rod in my build-in wardrobe and hung another purple Ikea curtain in front of it.

Then came the time to furnish my new room. We reassembled my bed – the one we used to have in the master bedroom – and put a simple green bedspread on it. Yes, also cheap, and also Ikea.

bedroom1 A nice desk (Ikea again), a secondhand chair and some decorative items we still had lying around and hey presto! My room was ready.

bedroom2Oh well. Maybe not quite ready.

My lamp is just a light bulb. I do have this bycicle wheel, but still need to fit it properly and I haven’t made up my mind yet on how to best do that. Just that I want to turn it into a pendant.

The light switch doesn’t work yet (but we’ve got a temporary workaround for that problem) and the new electrical outlets haven’t been connected yet. Neither have they been covered, at that. However, I do have one working electrical outlet, so I’m not desperate. Yet.

There’s no hurry. My room is functional and I really love it. It’s the best room I’ve had since my teenage years. That room was green and purple, BTW.

Coincidence? I think not.


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Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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  1. Kris says:

    Nice! Well done!

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