Finally fixed

Way back in December I applied for a wheelchair with add-on drive. In January The Mighty Ones sent two of their puppets over to see if I really needed it. Now, why in seven hells would I want a wheelchair – with add-on drive no less – if I did not really need it? Honestly! Don’t they think I’d much rather walk on my own two feet! How stupid can one get?

Believe it or not, the two puppets started raising objections. “What if I got depressed and the wheelchair would just end up standing uselessly in a corner for months on end?” Really? So just because I might get depressed at some point in the future is a real legitimate reason for them to say I won’t have a wheelchair? How about I might get depressed because my not having a wheelchair impairs my social life big time? Dolts!

“What would I use the wheelchair for?” Oh, let me see… I’d use it to go chasing butterflies. Or might be I’d go on a nice little arson trip. Or how about robbing a bank? Yes, I think I should totally do that. In my wheelchair no less. Well, cor blimey! What are they taking me for? Do I look like an imbecile?

Anyway, after that very frustrating talk with those two puppets I never heard from The Mighty Ones anymore. Not a word.

In the end I got tired of waiting. It’d been close to three months since I applied for the wheelchair, and they should have decided and informed me of their decision within eight weeks from the date of my application. I sent them notice to inform me of their decision within two weeks time, or pay me a fine.

Within a week I had a phonecall from the wheelchair company, and yesterday I got my wheelchair. Funny how those things work.

Wanna see my wheelchair yet?


I love the colour of the frame! Other than that, I have to admit I have mixed feelings about it. Of course I’m happy to have the wheelchair. It gives me more freedom to go where I want. All by my little self. If I want to go into town, I could just hop on the bus with my wheelchair. How cool is that?

But. I hate that I need it. Like I said before, I’d much rather walk on my own two feet, but unfortunately that’s not gonna happen anymore. No use getting upset about that, eh?

Also yesterday, I finally got my TENS unit. I’d been wanting to get one for well over a year – basically, ever since I first heard of them – so I’m pleased as punch with it.


You see, I have a problem with pain killers. Paracetamol doesn’t work for me. And if I take more than one at a time, it makes my stomach ache like crazy. No use trading one kind of pain for a different kind of pain, right. NSAIDs upset my stomach big time, so they’re a no too. Then there’s opiates, which might just send me into a psychosis. So not worth it. Which basically left me empty-handed where it came to pain relief.

Not anymore though. I now have my TENS unit, and this little thingamabob works wonders for me. Of course it can’t take away the cause of my pain. Nothing can do that. My TENS unit only helps my body to suppress the pain by disrupting the way I process pain and stimulating my body to release more endorphins. I’m quite content with that.

But now I found out that there’s something else my TENS can do for me: It actually has a setting for muscle stimulation. And let me tell you, it’s magic! I absolutely love that extra feature.

Now I can finally do something about the practically non-existent bicep on my left. Trying to train it – by using weights or simply just trying to do more things left-handed – only hurt it, but never had any positive effect. This morning I electrocuted that bicep and lo and behold! It actually contracted and even hardened a little during contraction. It’s never done that before. Not for as long as I can remember.

Can you tell I’m thrilled?


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  1. Kris says:

    Happy for ya, Liam!

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