Landing project – second edition

Back in January I decided to finally get something done about my very neglected landing. After I replaced the toe kicks on the stairs to the loft, I had two weeks left to get the rest of the landing done.

Did I make it?

Sadly, no. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to do, but I certainly made good progress.

I fixed that ghastly hole in the wall. This was a job that took forever, seeing that it needed endless layers of filler, but in the end I did manage to fill it in. Completely.


I also filled about a thousand small holes and narrow cracks.

Next, I painted the upper half of the walls a soft grey.

When the paint had dried, I added board and batten to the lower half of the walls. I intended to paint this a darker grey, but never quite finished the board and batten yet. I still need to add some trim to cover the two outside corners and even after almost two months I still haven’t bought that. So the wood stays unfinished for now.


Oh well. Unfished wood looks nice, too. Way better than what we had before anyway.

I put the shoe cupboard back in its old place (had to drill new holes because I filled the old ones up, doh!) and mounted a lovely oil painting on the wall.


I really should spend a few days in Paris once I’ve got my wheelchair. It’s been ages.

I never got around to repairing the damage to the stairs. It’s still as ugly as ever. And staring at me every day. Several times a day. Daring me to attack it with my tools.


And you know what?

One of these days I will have a go at it. I’ll fix the damage and to top it off I’ll build my cats the scratching post of their dreams there. All the way from floor to ceiling. The plans are already in my head. I just need to get all the right materials. And the time. And the courage.

What am I getting myself into?


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Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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