Pantry Makeover

This month I decided to makeover my pantry. In the almost eleven years we’ve been living in this house, it had already seen several makeovers, but somehow King Chaos always managed to take over, so drastic measures seemed necessary.

(And yes, I know I still owe you an update on my landing. I’ll write that one soon.)

This is what I started out with. Getting something from the pantry was a nightmare because it was so cramped.


And then you haven’t even seen the worst of it.


What? The bike wheel? Yes, I know it doesn’t belong in the pantry, but I need it for a project. Some day. Eventually.

I told you it was bad. But I had an idea. In fact, I had tons of ideas courtesy of Pinterest and my Pantry board. I knew what I wanted, and what’s more, I also knew how to achieve it.

On Friday I bought the wood I needed. My bank account is still weeping.

On Sunday I emptied out the pantry. All of it. And dumped the contents randomly in the living room and kitchen.



What’s worse, it sat there for three long days. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Also on Sunday, I got started on my new shelves. I sawed, I sanded, I drilled, I screwed. I subluxed my shoulder. Several times. And put it back again. By late afternoon I was so tired and sore, I sent asked the hubby to go to the chippy.

I don’t even like chips. Go figure.

On Monday morning, the pantry looked like this.


Luna approved, I think.

Another day of sawing, sanding, drilling and screwing followed. And several more shoulder subluxes. I so love my Ehlers-Danlos.

Since I really couldn’t in good conscience ask the hubby to buy us another heart attack on a plate, I told persuaded him to fix us an easy meal. Macaroni with spinach and boursin. Always a winner when we need a quick, easy and healthy supper.

Tuesday morning, and the pantry was all but done.


Oh yes, baby! That’s what I’m talking about. Lots of shelves, custom built to suit my family’s needs.


And this time, Thalia and Amelia showed their approval.

But. I wasn’t done yet. Not quite. I needed to add some final touches. Because how nice would it be to have a real lamp in the pantry, instead of having to use a torch light? And how cool would it be if I had a designated place to store my “swiffer”, my dustpan and other cleaning utensils?

I mean, seriously!


See what I mean? Aren’t I clever? 😀

As you can see, I had already started on moving my stuff back into the pantry by the time I thought to take pictures.

I spent the rest of the day moving everything back into the pantry. Minus most of the things that don’t belong in there. The results are awesome, even if I say so myself.

I’ve got an entire shelf to store my small kitchen appliances.


There’s a shelf for cat food and other pet supplies.


A shelf for canned food, and below that a shelf where I store my onions and garlic. And other stuff – not sure what yet. The empty box (which I intend to pretty up a little) is already there.


And oh joy of joys: My Booze Shelf! Booze, booze, booze, booze, booze. And other drinks. Milk. Water. Orange juice. That kind of stuff. Because one shall not live on booze alone.

There’s an entire shelf for my baskets. One holds shopping bags, another potatoes, a third holds dry goods and finally there’s a basket (which you can’t see in this picture) for snacks. Yummm!

Some odds and ends go on the floor, and if you look really well, you can even see I found a place to store the hoover.


I already had the hook to store my backpack and my Ikea cool bag, and I really wanted to put up some more hooks to store aprons and linen totes. However, seeing that I didn’t have any spare hooks and lacked the time and energy to go buy them, I simply put in some screws instead. They will serve until I get me some more hooks.


I really need a new apron. I think I’ve got some leftover fabric somewhere…

And now, my new pantry in all its glory!


And finally, here’s a before and after picture.


Such a big difference. Definitely worth all the pain.


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4 Responses to Pantry Makeover

  1. Kris says:

    I’m impressed! Especially with the booze! 😀 And with the cats’ approval, what more can you ask? Nice job, Liam.

    Liked by 1 person

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