Bathroom makeover

I’m sure you remember the picture of my bathroom shown in my previous post.

bathroomIt was anything but pretty and I left you wondering as to what was going on there. If you guessed a remodel, you were right. Though it wasn’t a major remodel. Just a little makeover, really.

Let me show you some pictures of how it was before.  Back in 2013 our bathroom looked like this.

BR-BeforeAnd last summer, just before the remodel, it looked more like this.

BR-before2It wasn’t bad. Not bad at all really, but… I had become to hate that large sink. It was hell to clean it. That, and one of the faucets had died and we decided not to replace it because we’d already decided on a small remodel.

There was this other thing. The laundry machine was in our open plan kitchen, and annoying the crap out of me with its noise. So I wanted the laundry machine moved to the bathroom, where it could make all the noise it wanted without disturbing me while I was trying to read a book on the couch.

So that’s what we did. We removed the double sink, put in a single sink and voila! We had instantly created room for our laundry machine.

Also, I got me a Lillången laundry machine cabinet from Ikea so I’d have somewhere to store my towels and laundry products.

BR-After1So this is what the bathroom looked like after the first part of the makeover. We had a nice single, easy-to-clean sink and the laundry machine with laundry machine cabinet. Much better already.

But there was more.

You see, here’s the thing. Because of the EDS I can’t stand for very long, so I have this nice little stool in the shower.

BR-Before-ShowerAnd you know what happens when you take a shower sitting down on a stool? That’s right. The water goes everywhere and that means you get a lot of cleaning up to do after your shower.

So not worth it.

That’s where the glass panels come in.

BR-After2There! Problem solved.

What? The laundry machine? Yes, I know. It was a build-in and it looks ugly on its own like this. I’ll either have to patch it up, or wait for it to die and get me another. Whichever comes first, I guess.

Finally, here’s some more pictures. Because I can.

bathroom1 bathroom2There’s definitely more work to be done on this bathroom, but I’m quite happy with how it’s coming along. It’s way better than it was before, which means I’m free to work on some other projects now.

Oh, and there’s plenty of projects that need doing around the house. Just wait till I tell you about… now what‘s that cat doing over there in that corner?


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4 Responses to Bathroom makeover

  1. krisalex333 says:

    Yeah, I hate it when a faucet dies… Looking nice, Liam!

    Liked by 1 person

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