Meanwhile in the shed

July. It had been a little over a year since we last decluttered the shed and it certainly showed. Stuff mysteriously found its way into the shed and multiplied in there over the course of that year.

shedThere was no helping it: We had to move everything into the backyard and chase King Chaos out of his hiding place and – even more importantly – off our property. He’s not a welcome guest at Liam’s Family Bed & Breakfast.

messThis time, I decided to really reorganise the shed. The shelf had to come off and be mounted to the posterior wall of the shed. We could lose that bulky desk. I affixed hooks to walls and ceiling for more storage space.

I dislocated my fingers several times in the process, but didn’t let small inconveniences like these stop me. Of course I did end up paying for my stubbornness with sore stiff fingers for a couple of days, but who cares? It was worth the hurt.

shed-after1See? I seriously like a nice, orderly shed, where I can get my bike or Spazmobile out with no trouble at all at any given moment.

shed-after2Today, I’m happy to say the shed still looks pretty neat. I can still get my bike and Spazmobile out without having to perform my contortionist tricks.

Not bad, eh?


About Liam

Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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