Mermaid Dreams

I’ve been lazy these last few weeks. Or maybe just tired. Whichever is true, fact is that I haven’t done much in and around the house.

Just the bare basics. And some days not even those.

That’s as far as the bad news goes. The good news is, I have written a lot of poetry. I even experimented with form poetry, which is way out of my comfort zone.

Triolets, Limericks, and even a Villanelle, which jolly well near killed me. I swear, I’ve been doing my head in not once, but about a thousand times. Such a nightmare. But I did it.

I also participated in the daily Poetry Exercise on My Writers Circle, which challenged me to try out even more new things. One of those exercises took me back to the sea.

Mermaid Dreams

mermaid dreams

back when she was a child
and life still filled with magic
she’d chase her sisters down
to the sunless sea where storms
would rage and smash white
frothy waves upon bulkheads
unhindered by hesitation as
the rising tide ravaged
the naked shores with
untamed bouts of rage


About Liam

Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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2 Responses to Mermaid Dreams

  1. Susan Brown says:

    Hello Leah, I must confess my idea of poetry is something that rhymes, so I cannot see poetry in what you have written. But, having said that, I understand your need and desire to challenge yourself. In this case, it would appear, successfully. Congratulations. Constantly challenging oneself in addition to coping with illness and everyday family life is a major drain on our personal resources. Well done you for sticking with the program. You are a hero. Susan xx


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