To the Garden Centre

Yesterday my mum and dad took me to the garden centre so I could buy plants for my front yard.

Garden Centre

We had a great time looking at all the beautiful plants, and choosing plants to liven up my tiny front yard.

Since I’ve been setting money apart for my Project Front Yard – €10 a month, starting last February – I now had a total of €40 to spend on my front yard. And yes, that’s including my front yard budget for the month of May.

Garden Centre

The nine lavender plants I bought will be quite sufficient to create a hedge. The plants are still small, but they will grow. Plants do that, I noticed. And I figure they’ll thrive in my south-facing front yard. I’ll have beauty, nice scent and bees. Go me!

I bought two lilacs – one white and one pink – to hide the neighbours’ horrible taxus conifers from view. They’re still small, so it will take some time before they will be tall enough to hide the horrors of those graveyard trees, but that’s alright. I can wait.

A gorgeous dwarf willow (Salix Repens Armando) at only €8 was too good a deal to pass up, so I’ll have to find a spot in my front yard for that little tree too.

Last but not least, my mum bought me a lovely passion flower, which will probably find its home in my back yard.

Passion Flower

I’m not sure yet. It does like sun though, so maybe the front yard would be a better place for it. Any suggestions?


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