Working Towards Minimalism

July 2008.

I’d been FLYing off and on for a couple of years already, and at the time I really thought my house wasn’t too bad.

So we had three computers in the living room, but that’s only to be expected from a home educating family, right? We had some paper clutter lying around. On our desks, on the table by the piano, in the bookcases, but really, what would you expect? We were home educating our girls, so there was bound to be paper clutter.

We had a couch, a bench (with storage!), two recliners, and four kiddy chairs. And yes, we needed all of them, because who ever told you that home educated children were lonely and socially deprived? We had company all the time.

So, yes, I actually thought my living room was pretty tidy and organised.


It didn’t look anything like my friend’s Chamber of Horrors.


That, my friends, was said friend’s living room. I kid you not. Mine didn’t look anything like it, so I was safe.

Or so I thought.

Fast forward to today, March 21, 2014.

This is our living room.

There are no computers in here. None. There is no paper clutter. And we are still home educating our younger daughter. Turns out it is actually possible to home educate your child without having to live in CHAOS.

We have one couch, one recliner and one footstool. When we have company, we simply schlepp as many dining chairs as we need from our dining area to the living area. It’s that easy. And it makes the room look much more spacious and inviting.

We still have four bookcases, but they are really tidy now. Not filled with paper clutter. Also, because we don’t have three desks and a gazillion seats in the living room, we now have room for our grand piano. And we still have our old upright piano too, which allows our girls to play four-handed on two pianos. They greatly enjoy doing that.

Over the last couple of years – but really mainly over the last twelve months – we decluttered a lot. We got rid of so much STUFF we previously thought we needed, when we really didn’t. And we’re happier for it. Because now the house is always company ready. It’s a breeze to keep it clean and tidy since we don’t have as much stuff to take care of.

What we do have, is a real Kitty Korner. It’s minimalist, but it is there, and actually looks very zen. Just a little kitty house with scratching post, and two cat grass plants in simple terracotta pots.

You don’t need much to create an inviting space for your furry friends.


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2 Responses to Working Towards Minimalism

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you, Susan. It's nice to hear from you again. I hope you are doing OK?


  2. Susan says:

    You have made an amazing change to your living room, it looks so much more inviting now. Good work!


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