Back Yard Progress

It’s a mandrake!

Oh no wait. I’m lying. It’s a two-year old rhubarb plant. And DD-20 and I dug it up today. All by our little selves. And if you just look at those roots, you’ll understand that was a major job.

Yes, we’ve been working in the back yard again, trying to turn it into a real garden. Because it grew where I planned one of my new raised beds, the rhubarb had to be transplanted. And seeing that we don’t own any proper garden tools yet, it took us well over an hour to dig the thing up.

Back-breaking, but we did it.

Also, a couple of days ago I planted some fast growing ivy by the fence, which I hope will cover most of it within the year.

But let’s go back to where we left off last week.

You’ll remember I ripped out quite a few pavers so I could use them to build my raised beds. I had no garden soil and no plants either.

A trip to the garden centre seemed called for. We bought six large bags of garden soil, which wasn’t nearly enough, so today the hubby went to the garden centre again and got me more garden soil. A lot more.

Meanwhile, DD-20 and I set out to finish the walls of my raised beds.

We worked all afternoon, planted our “mandrake”, a lavender bush and some piteous looking chives from my windowsill garden.

Finally, we took our broken down water-feature, and planted some daffodils – a present from a friend – in the top half. I intend to buy me some garden violets and plant them in the lower half of the water-feature.

Both DD-20 and I are sore and exhausted, but very happy with today’s achievements. Soon, our back yard will be a real garden.


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