Project Front Yard

I just googled “small front yard” and clicked on images.

Now, I don’t know what people think makes for a small garden, but the images I saw were definitely not my idea of a small front yard.

This is what I call a small front yard.

It’s mine. And it’s so small I have no idea what to do with it. The things I’ve seen most of my neighbours doing with their front yards – all as small as mine – either don’t appeal to me, or would be way too expensive, but I do know I want to change what I’ve got here.

It’s not that it’s perfectly awful.

It’s just perfectly boring, and I don’t like boring.

I know that I want some sort of hedge, but am not sure what kind yet. Buxus would be cool and works great as hedge, but then again, lavender might work too. Our front yard faces south, so I figure lavender would thrive. It’s gorgeous, smells nice and attracts bees, which I think is a good thing – even though I’m really not fond of insects – but bees make honey, and I love honey.

I also want to hide our neighbours’ horrible, horrible taxus conifers (don’t you just hate graveyard trees?) from view, and am not sure how to do that yet.

I’ll want a couple of chairs and a table, to create a mini sidewalk cafe atmosphere, because what’s more enjoyable than drinking a tea at your own “sidewalk cafe” and reading a book?

So that’s roughly what I want to go for. And since I haven’t much money to spare, I set myself a monthly budget of €10. That’s right, I get to spend the grand sum of ten euros a month on my front yard. And, because this is really too little money to do anything significant in even such a small space, I get to save it up, meaning if I don’t spend my ten euros this month, I can carry them over to next month.

Today, I’m setting apart my first ten euros. No use spending them this month as it’s still winter – and besides I haven’t yet made up my mind on what to do exactly.

I’ll allow my funds to grow, and in the meantime, I can start making plans. Real plans, not just fancy ideas in my head. My new Front Yard Ideas board on Pinterest should help spark some ideas.


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2 Responses to Project Front Yard

  1. Leah says:

    Hi Susan!
    The milk barrel table idea is genius, isn't it? And I know just where to get me an old (rusty) milk barrel for free: My mum's got one she's willing to give to me. I'm already looking forward to getting my hands dirty on that one.
    The lemon grass does seem like a good idea, but I”m not sure if it can withstand frost, so I'll have to do my research first.


  2. Susan says:

    Hello Leah, I had a look at your Pinterest board and I do so like the painted milk churn table idea. Also the lemon grass in large pots might go some way to screening your neighbours trees. You have such a cute tiny space to decorate and I think you could achieve a very cosy spot for sitting at your table and watching the world go by, glass of wine and book in hand! Just make sure that whatever you plant is low maintenance – I don't think you want to be spending your time having to constantly prune and weed the front yard, you seem to have enough to do as it is. By the way, well done with Project 333.


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