Small chores

Have you met my gorgeous guy, Shimi?

He’s as sweet and loving as he’s beautiful, but he’s got one little problem.

Or actually, it’s a rather huge problem, that nearly cost him his life a couple of years ago. He has chronic renal failure. Surgery and the right meds saved his live, and he’s been on meds ever since, and doing well. However, as most catlovers know, cats with kidney problems are prone to peeing in places where they really shouldn’t.

It’s not their fault. Accidents just happen, but you can bet your old grandma’s savings on it, that I was not pleased when Shimi used one of my nice wicker baskets for a litter box. As I didn’t feel like dealing with the mess right that moment, I dumped the contents of the basket (all of it!) into the wheelie bin, and put the basket away in the gardenshed with the intention to clean it out later.

Of course I never meant to wait for several months, but today “later” finally came.

As I was in the loft, gathering tools and supplies to fix a cabinet that had been in need of repairs for close to two decades (yes, I know, it’s horrible and I hang my head in shame), I also picked up the bottle of “urine-off” with which I successfully treated the cat pee spots on the cement flooring of our loft last summer.

I got the basket out of the shed, brushed the dustbunnies out of it, wiped the basket inside and out with the Big Bad Wipes I bought at the supermarket, and finally sprayed it – inside and out again – with the probably even worse “urine-off” spray. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, right? And there was no way I was going to get the cat pee smell out of it otherwise.

I placed the basket on the bench in our backyard to air out for a couple of hours before I stored it – for the time being – in the cupboard under the stairs.

Next I moved on to fix my beautiful cabinet – a family heirloom, which I’ve loved since I was a little girl visiting my great-aunt for the first time in my life.

You see, years ago, the lock stopped working, the key broke in two and the door wouldn’t close properly anymore, which was obviously rather a shame, but I promised myself I’d fix it. One day.

Meanwhile, I simply stuffed a small piece of heavy paper between the door and the bottom of the cabinet, so the door would remain closed.

Completely fed up with myself for never fixing my cabinet, I got me a magnetic lock, rummaged in my hardware box and found a doorknob that I picked up from the DIY shop some time ago and never used yet.

Using my tiny hand drill to drill screwholes for the magnet lock, I found out the hard way that the cabinet is made of good quality hardwood – which shouldn’t have surprised me, of course.

Installing the doorknob presented me with another problem, as where the lock had previously been was now a gaping hole, which needed filling up and then of course the screw provided with the doorknob wasn’t nearly long enough, so I had to go find a longer one. So up I went into the loft again, and found not only the screw I needed, but also a wooden clothes peg, which I broke into several pieces and stuffed into the lock hole.

Yep. Just like that. I didn’t even use any glue. It isn’t pretty, but it’s functional and no-one sees it anyway when the door’s closed. I intend to give the cabinet a real good makeover when the loft conversion is completed, so no need to obsess over it right now.

Doesn’t that look much better?


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