Just a couple more things

We started working on DD-15’s room about two months ago.

After we moved out her furniture, DD-20 and I painted the walls, ripped out the old vinyl flooring and installed new laminate flooring. I found DD-15 a nice pre-loved mirror at the charity shop, and painted it white, to go with her furniture.

She got new curtains, bought herself a couple of cabinets, and… broke a finger at judo training, meaning she couldn’t really help assemble her new cabinets and the job fell to her father, sister and me.

Today, DD-20 assembled the last of her younger sister’s new cabinets, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to hang it on the wall yet, as we need to get the right size screws first.

It’s been slow going, but we are getting there, and DD-15’s room is already much nicer than it used to be. Also, as she’s got more cabinets now, we hope she’ll be able to keep her room organised and free of clutter from now on.

There’s still a lot of things that need to be done here, but all in all, I think everything’s coming along rather nicely. It’s really just the finishing touches now. It may take another couple of weeks before it’s completely finished, but it will be worth it in the end.


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