Clearing out the garage

Today was a great and special day at the Suburban Family B&B.

Today, the Suburban Family B&B got rid of all this STUFF, that the hoarder hubby had been storing in a rented garage for the last decade or so, and the other day he decided to rent a garbage container and ditch it all.

This morning we got up nice and dreadfully early. Still groggy, I unloaded the dishwasher and laid the table for breakfast. After breakfast, I did a quick clean up/tidy up in the kitchen and then we were on our way. It was still pitch dark outside.

Our first stop was at my best friend’s place, where I intended to crash on the couch and get some more sleep while the hubby went to the garage to wait for the garbage container to be placed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I ended up helping my friend cleaning up the mess her teenage son had made in her house during the weekend. By the time the hubby came to fetch me, we were almost done cleaning her kitchen.

We headed over to the garage and and got rid of the cobwebs first, as I really didn’t fancy walking into them whilst clearing the clutter.

Next, I hauled almost everything out and dropped it on the cobblestones just in front of the garage, where the hubby picked it up, schlepped it over to the garbage container and dumped it.

We worked really hard for a couple of hours, and the end result was well worth our efforts.

We were left with a couple of cardboard boxes filled with chemical waste (half empty tins with paint, etc) that we’ll dispose off properly next time, three shelves for my friend, a bike for one of my friend’s sons, and a once beautiful door, which I fully intend to use.

I might turn it into a gorgeous mirror, a shower stall, something else, or even use it as a… DOOR! After I fixed it up, obviously.

The only other items worth salvaging were two vintage chandeliers, one of which is a family heirloom that I’ve always loved and thought was lost. These two beauties went in the hood, and came home with us. We will need to fix them up and rewire them, but it will be worth the effort.

Now if only I didn’t hurt so much…

Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything. And honestly, it was totally worth it. What a victory for my hoarder hubby, to not only have chosen to get rid of so much stuff, but to also follow through!

I am so proud of him, and so happy.


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2 Responses to Clearing out the garage

  1. Leah says:

    I'm trying Susan. I sent some off in the Virtual Mail. Let me know when it arrives, OK?


  2. Susan says:

    HOORAY!!! Now if only the energy would flow through to South Australia……….


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