My Family Bed & Breakfast

How would you like to stay in a beautiful Bed & Breakfast?

Imagine drifting off to sleep in a perfectly made bed with clean, fresh smelling linens. Imagine drying yourself with soft, fluffy towels after taking a shower or a long, hot bath. Imagine having breakfast in a warm, cosy kitchen. And then being able to relax, and maybe even listen to some live music, in a beautiful, inviting living room.

Wouldn’t that be heaven?

Inspired by my friend Janet from The Family Bed & Breakfast Blog I decided to open up my own business, the Suburban Family B&B.

It’s not a real business, but I will treat it as if it were just that. I will have working hours, and I will pay myself too. My pay probably won’t be much more than €10.00 a week, but it will be money that I can use as I please. No strings attached. I’ll just have to run my B&B as if it were a real business.

As we’re still not done with the renovations, I’ll have to postpone my official Opening Day till later, but that doesn’t mean my job hasn’t started yet. And it also doesn’t mean I won’t have to care for my “guests” (aka my family) yet. I will have to do that and take care of the renovations.

Obviously, even if not all the rooms are ready yet, the kitchen needs to be in working order, so my guests can enjoy their breakfast there every morning.

Thankfully, it’s not hard to lay a table and make it look pretty. But it makes such a difference, because who enjoys eating a sandwich on the go? It might be convenient, but definitely not enjoyable.

So, my first job each morning will be to unload the dishwasher, clean and tidy the kitchen, and lay the table for breakfast. Obviously, all of this should be done before the guests enter the scene.

Also, I want to make sure my guests get good quality food, and because I still want to avoid shopping in supermarkets as much as possible, I will be ordering most of my groceries online at BeterBio.

What’s great about this firm, is that not only do they sell organic products exclusively, but also most of their products are regional. And if you spend at least €25.00, delivery is free. No more long, gruelling shopping trips through the freezing cold for me.

I’ll still be buying my cheese at the market, as I’m perfectly happy with the choice of organic cheeses at the cheese stall.

My working hours will be from seven(ish) till eleven AM, and from about four PM till after supper. I’ll still have to make a list of my daily duties, but I figure I’ll be FLYing through the B&B soon enough.

Also, the decluttering and my journey towards minimalism will continue. I will get to the point where I’ll never see clutter again.

And last but least, because I wouldn’t want my guests to be bored or unhappy, my Fanily B&B has pets.

Because happiness is being owned by a cat. Or, in our case, being owned by three fluffy felines.


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Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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2 Responses to My Family Bed & Breakfast

  1. Leah says:

    You got that right, Susan. It's all about attitude.


  2. Susan says:

    Ha, I love this! When I was a kid and had jobs to do for my mum I would say to my sisters: “Let's pretend we are working in a hotel and we are doing these jobs for guests” it made the work fly! And I still do this now and then when housework becomes just too much – it's all about the attitude!


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