Enjoying autumn

Rain and storm, and no more warm summer days. I think autumn may well be my favourite season.

Weird? Perhaps, but I honestly love autumn, with its temperamental weather and abundance of warm colours. I love that the heat is gone, and with it, most creepy crawlies as well; I’m really not all too fond of those.

And the good news about autumn doesn’t end there.

Last Friday we went up north, to see my parents-in-law. On our way there, we stopped by DD-19’s place and picked her up, as she was really looking forward to see her grandparents again. Also, she had an additional reason to want to see them, as she wanted to interview her grandmother for a philosophy assignment.

We all had a really good time, and DD-19 and her grandmother chatted for hours. We probably stayed for a little longer than we should have, but don’t we all know how time flies when you’re having fun?

Oh, and of course we didn’t leave empty-handed. My mother-in-law had gathered chestnuts. Lots of them, and she generously gave us most of them. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Now, it had been quite a while since I’d last had chestnuts, so I went online to look for recipes, and found so many yummy looking ones, I think we’ll have to go gather even more chestnuts.

Yesterday, I roasted a nice batch of chestnuts, and we all enjoyed them as a healthy late night snack. Unfortunately, I dislocated my finger time and again whilst scoring the chestnuts, so I had to stop sooner than I wanted too.

Thankfully, today the pain was gone, and my fingers (I’d been dislocating another finger frequently as well over the last couple of days) were only just a little stiff. They still are, but hopefully that will be better by tomorrow morning.

It was all worth it anyway, as the roasted chestnuts were delicious. Now I’m facing the hard choice between making chestnut puree tomorrow, or Martha Steward’s Butter Cookie Sandwiches with Chestnut Cream. I have to say, the latter look very tempting indeed. Then again, a Chestnut and butternut squash pie doesn’t sound half bad either.

The life of an avid home cook is hard, with all these difficult choices to be made!

But on to other matters.

DD-19 and I worked in the backyard again today. There wasn’t all that much to be done, but there were leaves that shouldn’t be left lying around on the pavers. And there was my olive tree in its container, that might benefit from some protection against frost. Actually, my rhubarb plant might like a nice leave-blanket as well.

The vines – beautiful, but a little too overabundant – needed pruning. After all, we really wouldn’t want the rain gutter of our shed getting blocked. Also, it would be nice if we could actually enter the shed without having to wrestle our way through a jungle first.

It probably took us about an hour, or maybe a little longer, but we rather enjoyed our little stint in the backyard. Also, I think the yard looks quite nice now.

I know, it’s nothing really special, but it’s tidy, and I love the colours.

All we need now, is to turn this place into a real garden, but that will have to wait. We’ve got other things to do first. However, nothing can stop me from dreaming and making plans. And I’ve got great plans for this little backyard of ours. Stay tuned, and you’ll find out in due time.


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2 Responses to Enjoying autumn

  1. Leah says:

    Susan, I'm sorry I took so long.
    Yes, my garden is all paved. Well, make that 99%. At the time, I thought it was a great idea. It's not. We get weeds between the pavers and it's hell to get all the weeds out, so now I want to rip at least 50% of the pavement out and start growing food. If I have to work in the garden anyway, I figure I should at least get something good back for it.


  2. Susan says:

    I haven't had roasted chestnuts since I was a child in England. We used to have them every bonfire night in November. I can just taste them after reading your post. I, too, love Autumn, it is such a relief after our stinking hot summers, which we are just getting a taste of now. In fact we had to put on the air conditioner the other night it was so hot. Not looking forward to full blown summer at all. Your work in the garden certainly paid off – it looks very tidy, is it all paved? That is what I would like – no grass (or in our case, weeds!) to keep cut down. Lawn of any description (grass or a carpet of weeds) is just a waste of time and money in my opinion. Here we often have water restrictions so lawn watering gets banned for a time. I think we will have to start collecting second hand bricks and begin paving beyond the patio, thereby eliminating the weeds that have to be constantly cut down.


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