Free clothes

Close to two months ago, I became a member of a local donating group. They set up this group on facebook, where you can offer things you don’t want or need anymore, so others can have them. For free.

Well, since I am – slowly – working my way towards minimalism, I’ve regularly got some stuff to give away. I used to take this to the secondhand shop, but when I discovered this group, I thought this was a much better way to help others. It’s direct and personal. And, if I take my stuff to the secondhand shop, people still have to pay for it. With this group, I can give things directly to others. For free.

And it works both ways.

I’ve not only been giving. I’ve also received quite a lot already. Mostly clothes, because, let’s be honest, with three females in the house, clothing is always an issue.

Have a look at all the clothes that have so generously been given to me.

DD-19 got to choose from 2 pairs of trousers, 2 skirts, 2 t-shirts and a waistcoat. She chose just the trousers and the white t-shirt with the black stars.

DD-15 chose 2 t-shirts, a cute off-white poncho, a shrug, and a white blouse.

She also got a gorgeous grey coat, and a navy cardigan.

The blue-striped t-shirt and purple cardigan are mine now. I needed new workout wear, and these were just perfect.

But there was more, because we received a large bag full of clothes and not all of them fit us. However, my younger sister has three daughters, and her oldest is 13. Most of the clothes that don’t fit DD-15 anymore, go to her younger cousins.

So now my sister’s girls get to choose from the clothes in the picture below.

They’ll probably not take everything, and that’s fine, because they will donate whatever is left to yet another family. Isn’t that just wonderful?

I got one big bag of clothes, and look at how many people I get to share these clothes with! This makes me incredibly happy.

And it doesn’t stop there. You see, I’ve got another bag full of clothes to share. These are clothes that were mine or my daughters’, that we don’t wear anymore. We’re happy to give them to others, so they can have new-to-them clothes too.

On another note, in my latest Project 333 update I mentioned that I still needed at least one more cardigan or pullover, so I’d stay warm during the winter months.

As it turned out, it wasn’t easy to find these. Not ones that fit me well and looked good on me. And when I finally found one that did, I noticed it had a hole in it. Since I didn’t feel like spending my money on a pullover with a hole in it, I decided (with pain in my heart, because I really liked that one!) not to buy it.

I ended up having to go to the much more upscale and expensive secondhand clothing shop in the centre of town, but at least I was spoilt for choice there.

I bought these two beauties:

I’m wearing the green pullover right now. It keeps me warm, it’s comfortable and I absolutely adore it. So, even though I cringed when I saw the price tag, maybe the €12.00 I spent on it wasn’t such a bad deal after all.


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4 Responses to Free clothes

  1. Leah says:

    Oooopsie. I must have missed this one.
    I could give you the name of the facebook group, but it wouldn't be of much use to you, since it's Dutch.
    Maybe you could search under “free” or “freecycle”, or something like that?


  2. Susan says:

    What is the name of the facebook group? I have done some searching on fb but cannot find a group near me. Thought I would look for a group with the same name as yours but in Adelaide.


  3. Leah says:

    Thanks, Susan. I really love that group, and hope you will find one like it near you soon. It's a real joy to be a part of such a group. Today we were able to help a recently divorced mother with some clothes and furniture. It's such a great feeling!


  4. Susan says:

    What a great group you have joined and what a haul! Love the 2 “expensive” pullovers, particularly the green one. You have inspired me to look for a group near me on facebook. I know how good it makes me feel to give to someone else so understand completely your motivation. Job well done!


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