Supermarket free?

The other day, my sweet friend Susan asked: “Haven’t read anything about your food shopping expeditions for a while. How is your budgeting and “England Here We Come” fund coming along?”

This omission had to be remedied of course, so this one’s for you, Susan.

As for the “England Here We Come” fund, it’s growing steadily. There’s been weeks when I’ve been able to add over €20.00 to it. Would you believe me, if I told you I’ve currently got €500.00 plus some small change in it? Because that’s how big the fund has grown since I started it back in March of this year.

And now for the shopping update:

I wish I could tell you I am Supermarket Free again, but unfortunately, I’m not. Too often, I just lack the energy to go very far to get my shopping done. And although I can – and do – ask the hubby to go shopping for me on occasion, I don’t like to do that. He just loves spending money, and guess what would happen to my budget if I didn’t keep him on a very tight leash? Not only would I not be able to add any money to my Holiday Fund, but he’d overspend my budget. That would not make me happy. So, if I want to save up, I need to do the shopping myself and that’s that.

The good news is, I do still buy mainly organic, and I do go to the tiny market in a neighbourhood not far from mine. The hubby also drives me to the Farmer’s Shop sometimes, and when we go to Ikea, we’ll buy potatoes directly from the farmer.

This morning, despite the gloom and cold, I got on my Spazmobile early and went to the market. Too my delight, the new organic cheeses – which the men from the cheese stall had promised would arrive in September – had finally come, and so I got to taste quite a few of them. And of course, the new cheeses were on offer. I bought the usual, and a small piece of garlic-nettle cheese. I also bought 10 eggs, from the chickens one of the cheese sellers keeps in his garden. These eggs are the best I have had in ages. Even store-bought organic eggs really are not as good as these. And the best thing is, they’re not half as expensive as the store-bought organic eggs.

Even so, I spent a total of €15.70 at the cheese stall, because I bought two nice blocks of cheese instead of the usual one.

On I went to the bread stall, and bought me three loaves of bread at €1.25 each.

The supermarket was next. Hey, I have to get my organic groceries somewhere, right?

I bought: Carrots, white cabbage, a courgette, bananas, applesauce, macaroni, tomato ketchup and hazelnut spread (all organic), and vegetarian “chicken” loaf, dried wild mushrooms, and baked beans (not organic). That was another €17.35 spent on groceries this morning.

I went home with the groceries and put them away, checked facebook, and discovered I had to pick up some free clothes within the half hour. So off I went again. I got a gorgeous cardigan, a sturdy coat, and a warm shawl. All for DD-15.

My next stop was at a retail shop, where I bought a big bottle of aloe vera drink, some typically Dutch seasonal treats called “pepernoten” and “kikkers en muizen”, which we happen to like an awful lot. Because, even though I try to keep us all on a healthy diet, we are only human after all.

I also bought two nice little bars of scented soap at the retail shop. I intend to grind them up and turn them into liquid soap.

That was another €4.10 spent.

And here’s a picture of today’s booty – excluding the loaves of bread, which were already in the freezer, and the clothes, which I might show you in another post.

Back home, I got thinking about what to have for supper. I loved how many choices I had, because not only did I have the food I just bought, I also still had a beautiful pumpkin, two sweet potatoes and some ginger.

All organic.

And then of course I still have my little windowsill garden, with chives, rosemary and spring onions. It may not be much, but it’s better than nothing. And think about it this way: I actually managed not to kill off all my herb plants, which is a 100% improvement over all of my previous attempts in the past decennia.

With so much nice produce to choose from, it was actually not even all that easy to decide on what I should make us for supper.

In the end, I figured I’d do something simple. We had a pumpkin, courgette, mushroom and green beans casserole seasoned with onion, garlic, fresh ginger and dried dill, brown rice, and an easy curry sauce. It was delicious. And as I only used half the pumpkin and half the courgette, I cubed the other halves and froze them.


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2 Responses to Supermarket free?

  1. Leah says:

    Thanks again for reading and commenting, and you're welcome Susan.
    I think you're right, men must simply lack the “budget gene” – it's the only explanation I can think of.
    Such a pity your friend's chickens died. Here's hoping she'll get more..


  2. Susan says:

    So nice that you dedicated this to me! And I really enjoyed reading it. I can relate to sending hubby shopping, I think it's a man thing to not stick to a budget-they seem to be missing the “budget gene”! You did well with your shopping and FREE clothes! That was lucky! The casserole you made sounds very tasty, think I will give it a try. I miss my source of fresh eggs – my friend had chickens a while back but gradually they died off, hope they get more. Your herb garden looks healthy – I want to do this but don't have a windowsill so they will have to go at the edge of the verandah where they will get some sun.


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