Secondhand treasures

The Greedy Minimalist went shopping and brought home: A whole lot of secondhand treasures.

Because minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t shop for nice things. It just means you try not to buy what you do not need. It also means getting rid of your superfluous stuff, aka clutter. Because who likes clutter anyway?

But – and I feel this is equally important – it also means you get room to acquire those things you really love and need.

So I went to the secondhand shop and bought me a pair of clothes brushes, a flower pot to use as a loo brush holder, and a new-to-me garden table. I’ll probably want to paint the metal parts black, but otherwise it’s perfect. It replaces my old wooden garden table that was falling apart.

Last but not least, I also bought me a cute wicker stool, which the cats have decided is theirs and theirs alone.

I found myself a pre-loved dining set at a local facebook group for exchanging goods and services, and a gorgeous vintage bedside table with a marble top at an auction site.

I consider myself extremely lucky with both finds. I fell in love with the bedside table the moment I saw it. A few emails was all it took to reach an agreement, and we were able to pick it up the next morning.

As for the new dining set: It’s exactly what I’d been wanting to own for several years already, but couldn’t afford to buy. Sturdy dark wood, slate inlays, six comfortable leather chairs. Perfect! And that for the ridiculous “price” of a Prenatal gift card.

We even got the gorgeous anthurium with it! It’s the largest and most beautiful houseplant I’ve ever had. (Now I just need to be able to keep it alive.)

As for the stuff that left my home recently…

I sold three judogis, a complete set of books, a small computer desk, and DD-15’s bed. I gave my old dining set to my younger sister, who gave her old dining set to someone else who needed it. I gave two t-shirts to a young woman who’d lost a lot of weight and needed new clothes.

Our old TV went to recycling, as nobody wanted to have it. Not even for free.


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2 Responses to Secondhand treasures

  1. Leah says:

    Thanks, Susan.
    That wicker stool… I just had to have it. It's so gorgeous! And, oooooh! VIntage china! I've goy some – family heirlooms, which I treasure – but not much. Maybe I'll go looking for vintage china next time when I visit the secondhand shop.


  2. Susan says:

    Wow, you did good Leah. I particularly like the little cane stool that your cat has claimed. I have a passion for vintage china and for years have collected odd cups, saucers and plates. But since going on to a pension this has become somewhat curbed! However, on facebook there are lots of pages of vintage treasures that are making me drool, I will have to start buying the odd bit of china again. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement that it is important to acquire the things we love and need. I need these pretties for the good of my soul. Looking at others peoples' treasures is spurring me on to dust off my collection and display it and change my current displays around. Lots of ideas buzzing in my head. How clever you are to have found just the dining suite that you have wanted for years. It does one's heart good to have things one loves around. Well done!


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