Project 333 – Fourth Season

October is here, winter is coming, and I just started my fourth season of the Project 333.

I started out in February, and although I didn’t own a ton of clothes, it still took me quite a while to figure out what to wear during my first season.

Today, I have the same shoes in my selection for the next three months, and three t-shirts that I wore during my first season too, but the rest of my wardrobe is completely different. In fact, I donated most of the clothes I wore back then. Even though I liked those clothes, they weren’t the perfect fit for me, so they had to go.

Somewhere back in August, after filling out Debbie’s Styling Questionnaire I decided I needed to change my style and be really me. So it was out with the old, and in with the new. Except that new was really secondhand, as I’d also set myself the challenge to not buy any new clothes for a year.

For less than €200.00, I had a complete makeover (including a new haircut) and bought myself a complete new pre-loved wardrobe. I’m still quite chuffed about that.

Are you ready to see my choices for the next season? Here goes.

Picture 1: A waistcoat, several shirts, a cardigan, a few t-shirts and two jackets.

The only things I already owned before the makeover, are the grey t-shirt and my green cardigan. I absolutely love that cardi. Love everything about it: the fresh green colour, the loose fit, how warm it is, the feel of the fabric on my skin, and how low-maintenance it is. Oh, and how well it goes with pretty much all my other clothes, that too.

Picture 2: Several ties, coat, some t-shirts, jeans, and a necklace.

The long green coat only cost me €7.50, which was a steal. It’s perfect for when I ride my spazmobile, because you wouldn’t believe how fast your legs get cold when you’re riding a scooter. Also, it has removable lining, so I can wear it year round!

Ties… what can I say? I just love them. They’re classy, they’re funky, they add colour to my wardrobe, and really, how can anyone not like ties?

The necklace is new. Yes, brand new. It’s jewelry, not clothes, so it’s OK. Both gorgeous and meaningful, I just had to have it.

Picture 3: the ties again. Because I just can’t get enough of them. Two suits, a pair of jeans, a pair of green trousers, and the necklace again.

Yes, I wear suits. Other women wear little black dresses. I don’t. Little black dresses are not my style. Suits are.

Picture 4: Brown leather jacket and scarf. Mustard yellow shirt, purple t-shirt, another tie, boots.

I wear my leather jacket when riding my bike. I’m rather fond of it. The shirt, t-shirt and tie are secondhand finds; the rest I already had.

Picture 5:Sleeveless what’s-its-name, purple shirt with yet another tie, black shoes (paint-stained), and another necklace.

Totals: 7 shirts, 6 t-shirts, 3 pairs of trousers/jeans, 2 suits, 2 jackets, 1 cardigan, 2 waistcoat/throw-on-thingy, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 coats. This brings my total to 25.

Also, 10 ties and 2 necklaces, which I don’t count, because they’re accessories and I don’t include accessories in my count. Neither do I include undies, sleepwear, workout wear, or the worn old clothes I wear when DIY-ing in my count. (Though I might include some of these in the future – you never know.)

Overall, I’m quite happy with what I’ve got here, however I do need to get me at least one more cardigan or pullover. The winter months can get pretty cold and my body thermostat just doesn’t function the way it should. My hands are freezing right now, and it’s only the first of October and really not all that cold yet. One or two more cardigans or pullovers definitely wouldn’t be amiss.

How about you? Are you considering to jump on the bandwagon too, or already participating in the Project 333? What’s in your wardrobe right now? And are you happy with your clothes?


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2 Responses to Project 333 – Fourth Season

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you Susan.
    I'm sorry to hear you're struggling. Thankfully, I've never had to deal with any big weight changes, which sadly means I cannot really advice you on that.
    As for the problem of not having the right clothes to wear during the change of seasons, I can share what I'm doing – and always have done.
    My internal thermostat seems to be off a lot of the the time, so I always – always – need to have warm clothes on hand. So even during the summer, I make sure to have at least one warm cardigan in my current wardrobe.
    Conversely, if you get hot easily, you could keep out one or two items that you'd be comfortable wearing on warmer-than-usual days during the cold seasons. A cool cotton blouse perhaps (maybe even short-sleeved, or with sleeves you could roll up easily).
    I hope that helps.


  2. Susan says:

    Hi Leah, you did well with your clothes purchases and everything looks very comfortable, also a prime consideration for me. No, I am not happy with my wardrobe. This is mainly because as well as having seasonal changes I have weight changes due to the steroids I have to take as part of the chemo regime I will be on and off for the rest of my life. As I go along, my periods of remission (read no steroids) will get shorter which means I don't have much time to lose my “chemo weight”. So it might end up that I have to donate all of my “normal sized” clothes and stick with my “fat” clothes. In the lap of the gods so to speak. For now, I am having chemo at least, I think, for the next 4 months, then after that it's a wait and see if I have time to lose the weight. Here in Australia it is the start of Spring, we have had some very hot days and then some cold days-I could have used my Summer wardrobe recently. However, as we are limited on space, at the change of seasons I have to pack up one seasons' clothes and store them in the shed and only have the current seasons' clothes in my wardrobe. This makes wardrobe planning very difficult indeed. But in the next couple of weeks I will have to bite the bullet and swap my clothes around and maybe keep out a couple of cold weather items. Any suggestions for handling this situation would be appreciated.


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