Blog Hopping

Do you know what a Blog Hop is?

Until quite recently, I’d never heard of it. But as we were working on our loft conversion, DD-19 and I discovered tons of really cool DIY blogs. And sometimes, they’d have a blog hop, where you can link up one of your posts to that page and have fun exploring other blogs.

After hopping along contentedly for a while, I decided it might be fun to try and link up on of my posts as well. The first time I tried I did it all wrong, and I sort of “forgot” about it for a while.

Today I tried again.

I linked up my post about my new guest room to the Inspire Me Please Blog Hop at Tonya’s Love of Family and Home and here’s hoping I got it right this time.

The other hosts of the Blog Hop are:

Now, why don’t you go have a look at the Blog Hop? There’s lots of nice blogs to explore.


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