Yoga is easy

It’s been a while and this thing called Real Life sure kept me busy. With doctor’s appointments. Oh, the fun of that!

So now you’re probably wondering, “what’s that got to do with yoga?”

I’ll show you. But please be patient as it’s a long story.

Below are some pictures the hubby kindly took of me this morning. Now, I’m not a workoutaholic or anything, so I skipped the warming up part. I don’t need it anyway. It’s easy.

But I must warn you: don’t do this at home. In fact, don’t do this unless you’re really flexible and even then… just don’t. You may end up hurting yourself.

“Yes but… didn’t you just say it’s easy?”

I guess I did, and it is. It’s easy for me. And it’s easy for others like me. It still doesn’t mean we don’t end up hurting ourselves. I’ll tell you some more about that later on in this post.

Next position.

Not all that spectacular really.

I just lie down on the footstool, legs folded sort of half underneath, half beside me. My lower belly is touching my legs, and my chest resting on the surface of the footstool, between my legs. My feet are crossed underneath my bottom. No big deal.

So, let’s take it up a notch.

Arms crossed on my back.

And here’s a view from above.

It might look uncomfortable to you, but I assure you, it really isn’t. Not for me.

OK, let’s have a look at yet another position then. Hands clasped behind my back.

BTW, do you notice how big my hands are? Pretty impressive, huh? And that comes in really handy (pun not intended) when playing the piano.

I just love my hands!

And talking about hands, there’s some really fun things I can do with them.

See? I can touch my thumb to my forarm.

Of course, growing up, I didn’t know this was kinda special, seeing that my mum and sisters could do the same – until I found out most of my friends couldn’t do this. But boy, it was fun to do this in front of said friends and watch them freak out!

Also, I can sort of bend my fingers backwards like this:

And did you notice how I can close my hand around my wrist with room to spare? Of course I never knew this was a rather rare accomplishment either. Couldn’t everyone do that?

Well, apparently not. Strange. Really strange.

So, can you bend your fingertips, like this?

No please, don’t do this! You may hurt yourself, and I wouldn’t want that to happen.

I used to be able to do this with all of my fingers, but now that I’m older my little finger won’t play along nicely anymore.

It doesn’t hurt. That is, not usually.

Sometimes, however, one of my fingers is doing this trick on its own accord and that’s when it does hurt. And it won’t go back in place either, like it normally does. I’ll have to grab my finger with my other hand and gently move the digits back in place. Then, the pain will subside and I can move my finger normally again.

When I showed my GP, she told me that’s because when that happens it’s actually dislocated.

Dislocated? Really? So I’d been dislocating digits countless times and never known they were dislocated? I was so incredulous, I just sat there laughing. I can still hardly believe it.

Oh, and BTW, I was not trying to impress my GP with my funny little tricks. I had good reason to show her this or I would never have done it.

You see, I went to the rheumatologist a little over a week ago. I was in her office for most of the morning answering a gazillion questions about my aches and pains. The physical examination only took about ten minutes or so, and included things like touching my thumb to my formarm. Yep. That’s right. A rheumatologist might make you try to do that. Most people, apparently, can’t.

So after all the talking and bending and stretching was done, she told me I’m hypermobile and that’s what’s causing all those delightful aches and pains I’m dealing with.

She very helpfully advised me to mind my posture, try not to overstretch, and go easy on the use of my much loved powertools.

Great. That was ever so helpful.

And how exactly should I do that? Because honestly, the moment I spread my hands I am – apparently – already overstretching. When I sit on the couch, or on my chair, legs pulled up against my chest, I might be overstretching – or maybe not. I really haven’t a clue, and the rheumatologist didn’t provide me with a list of forbidden movements and postures.

Well, crikey! I’ll bet I’m overstretching at least half of the time, and not just while I’m awake and might be able to do something about it, but also when I’m asleep and therefore unaware of my posture.

To say I was annoyed, is an understatement. I was plain pissed off, but what could I do, huh?

Well, there was one thing I could do. I could educate myself. But more on that in a future post, because this one’s already getting too long.


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