From little-girl room to guest room

It’s a tiny little room. Cupboard sized, really, and it’s seen many a makeover since we moved into the house back in the summer of 2004.

Until about 18 months ago, this used to be our younger daughter’s room. And it was a nice enough room for a 5-year old little girl. But little girls grow.

The bed she had in our previous home, was really too large to fit into her new room, so we soon bought her a loft bed, which gave her more room to play.

As she grew older, and her interests changed, we sold the loft bed and bought her a simple single bed, which would just (and only just) fit under the window. we also managed to place a desk, a bookcase and a wardrobe in the room, without making it feel totally cramped.

The room stayed like that for a couple of years until her big sister moved out.

Our little girl, who wasn’t little anymore, got her sister’s room, and big sister had to make do with her younger sister’s former room when she was home during the weekends and holidays.

The room changed again.

Even though the furniture was the same, the room looked and felt completely different because now it belonged to a student.

Then we decided to have a loft conversion. DD-19 got a nice, light, spacious room in the loft.

We now had an empty cupboard sized room, which we had already decided would become our guestroom. But first, the old vinyl flooring had to go, and DD-19 and I installed laminate flooring.

Since we were going to turn the master bedroom into a TV room, we decided to place some of the bedroom furniture in our new guestroom.

The wardrobe with the mirror door and my grandmother’s beautiful antique wash stand found a new home in the guestroom.

Since DD-19 needed the bed in her new room, I needed to find another suitable bed for our guestroom. Remembering how hard it had been to find a bed that would fit under the window, I was not all too optimistic about buying a new bed, and had already decided on building one from scratch, when I saw this lovely bed at Children’s Ikea. Yes, it’s sold as a children’s bed, but it extends into a single bed, and it was perfect!

Look how well it goes with the other furniture in the room.

Because the guestroom will also double as my study, I needed a desk. As, unfortunately, we will not be using the big wardrobe that came from the master bedroom anymore, I decided to take it apart and make good use of the wood. And, you guessed it, one of the shelves became my new desk. With two legs (Ikea again) and secured to the wall with some leftover wood, it’s perfect. Large enough so it can hold my monitor and keyboard (my computer goes underneath), and small enough so I won’t be tempted to leave piles of paper clutter on my desk.

And, well, because the new master bedroom hasn’t been built yet, this is where I will be sleeping over the next couple of months.

To be honest, I hadn’t been looking forward to sleeping in that tiny little room. But, thanks to my efforts to adopt a minimalist lifestyle (despite living with a maximalist) I found that I don’t really need a bigger room than this. My minimalist wardrobe easily fits into what little storage I have in this room.

I have a good bed, a nice little desk, and even my dear friend Paris has found a new home in this room.

Now I just need to fill in the holes in the wall, give the wall a fresh coat of paint, sew new curtains and a matching lampshade, and the guestroom will be perfect. Just the finishing touches.

Who knows, I might not even want to move to the master bedroom once it has been built!

Update September 27, 2013: I linked this post up to “Inspire Me Please” Weekend Blog Hop #30 at Love of Family and Home.


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2 Responses to From little-girl room to guest room

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you Susan. 🙂
    Yes, we are REAL, and I wouldn't want to live in a show-house.


  2. Susan says:

    What I really like about your home décor style is it looks REAL and as if REAL people live there. Your new study/guest room looks really lovely and comfortable. Keep up the good work.


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