From bedroom to TV room

We used to have a pretty large master bedroom, which I really liked. I liked the pastel blue walls, the simple blue bedspread and the furniture.

However, there were things I did not like about the bedroom. I hated the cheap grey carpet, which should have been replaced years ago already. I also didn’t like the proportions of the room, as they made it impossible for me to place the furniture the way I really wanted. I didn’t particularly like having the room do double duty as a gym – and a rarely used gym, at that.

Still, I liked it well enough. It was light and spacious, and exuded a tranquil atmosphere, which of course is an absolute must for a bedroom.

However, when we decided to do a loft conversion, I made the hubby a promise. I promised him we would have a really nice TV/Entertainment room. Initially, we meant to have the TV room in the loft, but whilst planning the layout of our “new” loft, we decided it would be better to turn the master bedroom into a TV room, and build a new master bedroom in the loft.

Now, with the first part of the loft conversion as good as done (we still need to add the finishing touches), it was time to make good on my promise. And so, one morning some two or three weeks ago, DD-19 and I schlepped all the furniture out of the bedroom.

With no idea where to store it yet, we simply dissembled most of it and dumped it in the bathroom.

Not an ideal place, but I knew it would bug me so much, I would find a better solution as soon as possible. (And I did. Two days of being unable to use the bathroom properly kicked me into action like nothing else could have done.)

But back to the bedroom. I ripped out the old grey carpet with great delight, and then DD-19 and I began the job of installing the laminate flooring. Our fourth room since we began our loft conversion, and it won’t be our last.

DD-19 and DD-14 painted two of the walls a very light shade of grey. Just one. Not fifty. Then we ran out of wall paint, so the other two walls are still waiting to be painted.

We assembled the TV cabinet, and the hubby stuck the TV to the wall.

We shopped the house for a coffee table, other small furniture, and decorations. We found a set of two beautiful vases at the secondhand shop.

We went on a trip to Ikea to buy us the perfect corner sofa, which converts easily into a double bed, so we can accommodate overnight guests quite comfortably.

The hubby bought himself an armchair and footstool, because his old armchair was basically dead. He also bought several bookcases in which he now stores his collection of comic books. And believe me, he’s got many, many more than you see in the picture below.

Although the TV room isn’t quite ready yet (we still need to paint those other two walls and add the finishing touches), we’re all four of us rather pleased with how it turned out.

After all these years, we’ve finally got a place where we can watch a good film, without the hubby first having to clear out enough chairs so we all have a place to sit. Without being distracted by the surrounding mess, and the ominous smells of cat pee and puke.

It’s so much nicer this way. So much more relaxed. And there’s no way we’re going to allow the hubby to turn this room into a hoarding den. This room is not just his. It’s ours too, and we want the room to be clean and tidy. Surely that isn’t too much to ask for.

And now you’ll probably wonder where we sleep.

Well, the hubby’s got his own room in the loft. And he’s got a bed in his room, so he sleeps there. So I was really the only one who needed a new place to sleep, and we found a solution to that problem, too. Stay tuned if you want to find out.

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2 Responses to From bedroom to TV room

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you, Susan.
    And you get to find out about my new sleeping quarters in today's new post.


  2. Susan says:

    What a great job! Don't keep us waiting too long to see your new bedroom – I know you will make it very special.


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