First day of homeschool

Today DD-14’s new homeschool year begun.

Now, my daughter is a bright young lady who likes to learn new things, but nevertheless she wasn’t exactly excited about starting a new homeschool year. Because, let’s be honest, being allowed to do as you please is way more fun than having to learn things just because “school” has started again.

In fact, having to learn takes all the fun out of learning. I understand that. And so I involved my girl in the planning of her new homeschool year. We discussed what she would like to learn and how we would evaluate her progress. And although she’ll probably still not always like it, we’ll be fine.

Also, because I think a first day of “school” should be fun, we did some fun things today. After she cleaned the rabbit’s hutch and fed the rabbit, of course. (That’s “Home Management”, by the way – the course in which she learns how to take care of home, garden and pets.)

So… DD-14 made biscuits. Nice, soft, crumbly “melt-in-your-mouth” biscuits. She’s very good at that! (That would be “Food and Nutrition” or “Culinary arts” or whichever fancy name we manage to come up with.) I made hot chocolate, and then we went upstairs, to our brand new TV room (yes, it’s finally there!) and I asked DD-14 which DVD she’d like to watch. Nabucco, Schindler’s List, Amadeus or Girl, Interrupted.

She chose Girl, Interrupted, which will count for either psychology or art.

Tomorrow we’ll have more of a regular homeschool day, though I doubt we’ll be using a lot of textbooks this year. DD-14 prefers to learn using other sources.

And, much to DD-14’s delight she’ll be having three days off from Wednesday to Friday, as we’ll be celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Which reminds me: I really should get myself a new calendar presto!

I think I’ll teach my girl how to bake challah. Another great activity for her Food and Nutrition course.

I might want to try my hand at the braided version, though I think DD-14 might want to start with a simple round challah.

If you’re a home educating parent, when did you start your new homeschool year? Did you do anything to make your child’s first day of homeschool special?


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2 Responses to First day of homeschool

  1. Leah says:

    Hey Susan!
    Challah is delicious! It's a soft, sweet, rather decadent loaf of bread (we always make two at a time), which tastes and feels almost like cake.
    Homeschooling isn't all that much extra work. I mean, it does take time and dedication, but on the other hand, you also save time. There's no rush in the mornings trying to get your children to school in time, no riding our bikes to and from school four times a day, and a lot of learning just happens when we are doing things that need doing anyway.
    Breakfast time, e.g., is also discussion time. We talk about whatever happens to be on our minds that morning. Religion, politics, art, music, books, history… whatever. It's so relaxed, and we learn so much!
    And of course, now that I've only got one child left to homeschool (since DD-19 is in college) it's even easier for me. Also, since my younger daughter is already 14, she doesn't really need my help and supervision all that much anymore.


  2. Susan says:

    That Challah looks delicious! I wish the video had given the recipe as well. What is it, bread or cake? I find Jewish traditions so interesting – so many different foods for one thing! How on earth do you fit home schooling into your busy life? Have you always schooled your daughters this way? When my kids were little it was not something that was very much on the radar but now I hear of more and more people home schooling their children. I think with the lack of a decent education system these days it is probably a great idea.


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