The joy of giving

For several months now, I’d been a member of a local free giving network (similar to freecycle, which we don’t have here), and I’d been planning on giving stuff away. However, giving things away via the free giving network meant taking pictures and placing ads on the network’s facebook page. It all seemed like so much work, and I was so busy already, so we ended up taking our superfluous stuff to the local secondhand shop.

Well, today I finally got around to taking pictures and placing those ads. And wouldn’t you know it? People wanted to have it!

I made a young mother happy with my spare set of dumbbells and unused fitness ball.

She is happy to have them, and I am happy they aren’t taking up any space in my closet anymore. That makes both of us happy.

Another young woman got the pushup bars I bought DD-14 a year ago. She used them once or twice before she decided they weren’t quite what she was looking for. My girl sure is picky when it comes to fitness equipment.

My unused baoding balls and booklet will be picked up by lady who’s interested in that kind of thing, and will most likely make better use of them than I ever did.

She also gets my drawing tablet, which has just been lying around in a box for at least two years now. What on earth was I thinking by holding on to them?

Then there’s the Tai Chi book,

The Teakwondo book,

The six minute workout book,

and the brown pullover I only wore once or twice in the two or three years I had it.

They’re all leaving my home tomorrow. They all found new owners – and I might just have made some new friends.

Giving sure feels good!


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2 Responses to The joy of giving

  1. Leah says:

    Ha! My hubby is like that, too, Susan, but at least he has learnt to accept that I do with MY stuff what I want.
    And, although I have had to buy some things for the house, that was not what I meant when I answered your previous comment. It was really more about what we've done to the house. And today's new post (about the start of our new homeschool year) will give you a clue.
    As for my new style, yes, I intend to stick with it. I feel so much more comfortable in my new clothes. My previous style was nice, but not really me – and deep down I've know this all along. My new style, however is really me.


  2. Susan says:

    You did a great job with your giving away – if only I could convince my DH that you don't have get MONEY for everything you part with! Your comment following my post has me intrigued – can't wait to see what you have bought for the house! Re your new style: are you going to stick with this new manly style or are these clothes just for occasional wear. I ask only because I am totally nosey! AND… you seem to be more comfortable dressed this way, though personally I did like your other way of dressing. Hope all that makes sense! Looking forward to your next post.


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