Dapper, Classic Soft, Geeky or Artisan?

So here’s the new me.

Quite a change, eh?

What? You can’t remember what I used to look like? Well, I haven’t exactly been posting many pictures of me, so here we go. A before picture.

It wasn’t bad. But I was fed up with the long hair and wanted to go short again. So I went to the hairdresser’s, showed them a picture of Ellen DeGeneres and told them I wanted my hair cut like hers.

I guess the hairdresser got a little carried away, because I could be mistaken, but I do think my hair is now shorter than Ellen’s. But never mind. I totally love it!

I mean, look at this:

Isn’t this just awesome?

So that’s my hair taken care of. But what about my clothing style?

You may remember there were some problems with my clothing style.

I wanted more colour in my wardrobe. Most of the clothes I owned didn’t do my androgynous body shape any favours. I wanted a more sophisticated look. And I really needed clothes that wouldn’t turn riding my bike or Spazmobile into some dangerous endeavour.

With all this in mind, I went shopping for clothes at some local secondhand shops. I decided to skip the female clothing section and go straight for the men’s department. And it worked!

I tried on a pair of trousers. It fit like it was tailored for me! I honestly never had a pair of trousers that fit me that well. Not ever. So I tried on another pair of trousers, and then some more.

Not all of them fit. Some were a size (or two) too large. I am rather skinny, after all. But I did find three really nice pairs of trousers that fit me like a second skin.

I bought myself some men’s shirts, a blazer, a waistcoat, a tie (which didn’t look good on me, but looked fabulous on DD-14 who happens to own quite a few ties, so I gave her mine, and got to choose one of hers in return), a hat, two long sleeved men’s tees, a denim jacket and a scarf.

DD-14, wearing “my” new tie

I nicked the last of the hubby’s ties, which he never wore anyway. They’re mine now. I was given a gorgeous walking cane for free at one of the second hand shops.

All in all I probably spent a little over a hundred euros on a complete wardrobe makeover. That’s not a bad deal, and I’m actually quite proud of myself for not buying any new clothes.

And of course, because I’m still participating in the Project 333 and want to keep a minimalist wardrobe, I got rid of many of my old clothes. Obviously, I kept the ones that work well with my new style. I also kept some that I can alter to suit my changed demands, but I boxed these up for now.

Ready to see my new clothes? Here goes!

That’s me in a casual summer outfit. See how well it fits me?

Going for a more distinguished look here:

Yes, I know. I should have ironed the trousers, and I really need to practice tying my tie properly (I’ll ask my Dad to teach me how to do the Windsor knot), but doesn’t this outfit look fantastic on me? I never thought purple would suit me so well!

Showing off my walking cane:

The blazer is (gasp!) women’s wear, but it fits me really well, exudes the right vibes and is a glorious golden brown, so I had to have it.

And finally, another casual outfit:

I absolutely adore the hat, even though it’s visibly worn.

The trousers are the ones I also wear in the previous picture, and as you can see they work just as well in casual attire as in a more formal outfit.

Even though I still need to add some accessories like cuff links, belts, and tie clips (oh, and maybe a bow tie as well), I think my wardrobe makeover is a success.

My wardrobe is definitely non-conformist and sophisticated. My clothes are comfortable, and even though not entirely fuss-free, they’re not all too labour-intensive either. I feel my wardrobe is more creative now than it was before, and it’s also minimalist. My current wardrobe would actually fit into one suitcase.

With my new clothing style, I really and quite literally stepped out of the closet for all to see. I’m no stealth dyke anymore. Now just one question remains: What kind of butch am I?

Am I a dapper butch like Susan Herr, a classic soft butch like Ellen DeGeneres, a geeky butch like DeAnne Smith, or an artisan butch like Alison Bechdel?

What do you think?


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8 Responses to Dapper, Classic Soft, Geeky or Artisan?

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you Diane. I am definitely planning on adding more colour to my wardrobe.
    Dapper… I like that. My Dad's style would definitely be dapper and he's always been an inspiration to me.


  2. Leah says:

    Thank you Sheri. I agree, I don't need to label myself. However, sometimes labels can come in handy. 🙂


  3. Leah says:

    Thank you Susan. Yup, I was out shopping. But not only that. Just wait till I make another post about the house. You're not going to believe your eyes!


  4. Diane says:

    The deep purple is a good color for you and I think you should continue to add color to your wardrobe~ shirts especially! With your hair & skin I think brighter colors suit you more than you realize.

    I'm glad you finished up by explaining you were coming out of the closet, because as I looked at the pictures I was trying to figure out why you were dressed like a man… With the mentions of your hubby, I had no clue previously.

    Happy for you to have found your style and be comfortable being who you are! I vote for dapper.


  5. Sheri B says:

    Looking great ! You do not need to label yourself, just BE !


  6. Susan says:

    Your hair looks good and purple is definitely YOU! I was wondering where you had gone; now I know, you were out shopping!


  7. Leah says:

    Thank you, and welcome to my blog. 🙂


  8. I think it looks great! Well done you… 🙂


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