The cat’s tail

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve most likely already met our cat Luna.

This afternoon, when DD-19 and I came back home from a little shopping trip to the DIY shop, we noticed Luna had a funny kink in her tail. As we went to check it out, she wouldn’t let us touch her tail and began growling and hissing.

Obviously, she was in pain.

We took her inside, called the vet’s and were told we’d better come right over to have her checked out. So I got one of the cat carriers from the shed and laid a soft towel on the bottom, so Luna would be comfortable on her trip to the vet’s.

We feared Luna might have broken her tail, but as it turned out, she had been bitten – most likely by one of the many cats in our neighbourhood. Luna doesn’t really seek out a fight, but she’s very good at catching birds and I’ve seen other cats chasing her into our own back yard, hoping to take her prey from her. Luna will not let that happen. She will definitely defend her prey.

After the vet shaved that part of her tail, the bite marks were clearly visible.

What’s worse, they were inflamed, and that’s what was causing her to be in so much pain. Poor thing!

To hopefully prevent worse from happening (we don’t want the infection to spread), the vet gave her an antibiotic injection. Oh, she could have given us oral meds for her, which we should somehow make her swallow. Haha! That’s not gonna happen. Not with Luna. We’d probably end up at the A&E, bleeding from head to toe. OK, that might be a little exaggerated, but I sincerely doubt we’d be able to get any pills into her unless we’d beat her unconscious first. We’re not willing to do that.

Next antibiotic shot after the weekend. I’ve no idea how my bank account is going to survive this ordeal. This afternoon’s visit to the vet’s already set me back by a good €130.00 – I kid you not!

But to be honest, that wasn’t just Luna’s tail bite. I also bought more food for Thalia (she’s still on a diet to gain weight), and meds for Shimi, to keep his blood pressure from sky-rocketing. Oh, and the flea-protection pills for Shimi and Thalia. Luna is perfectly happy having her flea treatment applied on her neck – something both Shimi and Thalia hate, but they will happily swallow a pill.

So… today’s visit to the vet’s struck a large dent into my bank account, but the cats will be properly cared for, and that’s what really counts. My little darlings are more important than my money.


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2 Responses to The cat’s tail

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you Susan. Luna is much better now. We have to apply a salve to her tail a couple of times a day now, which she doesn't really appreciate, but it's getting much better now, and I don't think we have to worry about her having to lose her tail.
    Which reminds me: I really have to go find her and apply some more salve to her tail before I go to bed.


  2. Susan says:

    Leah, I do so hope Luna is better soon – it is very obvious that you love your animals dearly and they must be such good companions to you.


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