Project 333 – Third season

My second season of the Project 333 officially ended on July 31, but as I was too busy with the loft conversion, I wasn’t ready to change my wardrobe yet.

However, with the hubby’s study and DD-19’s room/art studio nearing readiness, I was able to tackle the enjoyable task of choosing my clothes for the next three (make that two; October will be so much colder than August and September) months.

Since this is my third season, I really know the drill now, so this was actually a piece of cake.

To my surprise I found out I don’t even own enough clothes to get to magic number 33, which actually makes me rather proud of me.

So, without further ado, here’s my choices for the next two months.

Five pairs of trousers: one pair of jeans, one pair of mustard yellow trousers, one pair of brown baggy trousers…

one pair of brown “classic” trousers (yup, that’s as far as “classic” goes for me), and one pair of Capris.

Two skirts: one black and one beige. The black one is hot, but I love it even so, as it goes beautifully with almost all of my shirts and blouses.

And speaking of blouses, these are my blouses for the next two months:

Three long-sleeved blouses, for those days when long sleeves are more comfortable or appropriate than their short sleeved cousins.

Three short-sleeved blouses. Because even in my corner of the world, we get some really hot summer days.

T-shirts. I couldn’t live without them.

Two short sleeved tees.

Two tees with sleeves just reaching the elbows.

And of course also two long sleeved tees. I know I will wear them. (Just not today.)


There’s this tunic, which I’m not sure I will wear, but we’ll see how it goes. I might want to alter it a little.

Two jackets. Both brown, and I’m not sure about the shortest of the two. It’s linen, it wrinkles and I have to iron it, because even wearing it for a couple of hours won’t smooth out the wrinkles on the collar. I might decide to donate it and get myself something else instead.

A cardigan and pullover, for chilly summer nights and colder days. I love this cardigan so much, I think it’s going to be a year-rounder.

That’s 24 pieces of clothing. Not even close to 33, which is fine. But wait, there’s more:

Three belts. I wear them all the time. I need to, because although my trousers (all four of them!) are a one-size-fits-all, they do not exactly fit me all that well. And really, indecent exposure is just so passé.

And let’s not forget about outerwear:

Just my trusty old leather jacket. I bought it second hand over a decade ago, and I still love it as much as the day I first got it. It is starting to show signs of wear though, and I hate to think I will ever have to part with it.

So now you’re probably wondering: Is she going barefoot?

Well, no, I’m not. I used to love going barefoot, but that was before the plantar fat pad atrophy. Much to my chagrin I’m wearing shoes all the time now.

They look like old-ladies shoes and cost a fortune. They are also in serious need of a good clean-up and polishing, because I have obviously been wearing them when working on the loft conversion as well.

That brings me to the grand total of 29 pieces of clothing. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Not included in my Project 333 choices are: underwear, sleepwear, lounge wear, workout clothes and jewelry. Ease your mind though, I am definitely wearing those things as well. Even the occasional piece of jewelry, but frankly, I’m usually way more comfortable without jewelry.


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2 Responses to Project 333 – Third season

  1. Leah says:

    That's so nice. I don't often meet people whose taste in clothes is similar to mine. Leather jackets are the best, and I'm sure yours was worth every penny you spent on getting it cleaned.
    I never got mine cleaned, BTW. I just hung it out to air for several weeks (might have been months – it must have belonged to a smoker before I bought it), but the nasty smell did come out in the end, and it didn't cost me a penny. Just a lot of patience.
    And that's good news about your hubby! I'm so glad to hear that. Keep up the good fight.


  2. Susan says:

    Your taste in clothes is similar to mine – I also have a leather jacket which I recently paid $5!!!! for in an op shop. However, the cost to have it cleaned was a shock to say the least and is a secret that will die with me! My shoes are also “old lady shoes” or sneakers as I have all sorts of foot problems, not least very wide feet which don't fit into “normal” shoes. You have done a good job with your clothing project. By the way, I am slowly getting hubby into “tidy mode”! It's a hard road but I will get there.


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