Art studio: Planking the walls

DD-19 knows exactly what she wants for her new room, which will double as her art studio.

Most importantly, she wants wooden planking on her walls, and found a pretty good tutorial on how to do that, so wooden planking it was. (Did I mention she bought to wood from her own savings? And that she’s a student living on maybe €500 or thereabouts a month? That should give you a clue on how badly she wants this wall treatment.)

So, what could I do, eh?

I set up my workshop just outside her new room, so we could saw the wooden planks to fit – which was pretty easy, until we got to the part with the slanted wall, and we had to figure out the exact angle. Not so easy when you don’t have a knack for maths. Thankfully, DD-19’s friend (who’s staying with us for a week) is a bit of a whiz, so she helped us out there. Yay for good friends!

Now, the tutorial told us to use a nailgun. Yeah, right. I have a nail gun – and the thing sucks. It’s a toy, not a tool. And although is works (sort of) on the plaster walls, it’s of no use at all on the concrete wall. So I got out some real tools.

The hubby’s power drill/screwdriver, the hubby’s hammer drill, my cordless power drill with countersink bit, and some hand tools.

Now, before we could get the wall planked, DD-19 insisted we first attach her built-in cabinet to the wall, so here it is. It’s not perfect, but that’s OK. It will look just fine when we’re done. There’s this thing called finishing touch. It makes things look perfect even if they are not.

The main thing is, it’s sturdy. I made very sure of that. No use building a cabinet that will fall apart once you put your paints and other artsy stuff in it.

So, with the cabinet attached securely against the wall, we could turn our full attention to the wall.

By five this afternoon, we got most of it planked. And we were tired, and hungry and thirsty, so we went downstairs for a nice cuppa.

When we got back to work again, I broke my the hubby’s wood drill bit. Since we had no spares and the DIY shop was closed, I got out my little hand drill as I definitely wasn’t going to give up.

It was eight when we were finally done with that wall. In the process I molested some of the hubby’s screwdriver bits, as well as my own ones, so I figure I’ll not only have to buy us some new wood drill bits, but also some new screwdriver bits tomorrow.

And oh, that reminds me: DD-19 ruined a few boxes playing with the electrical wires, so I suppose I’d better go get some replacements for those too. And I’d better not tell her dad she was second-guessing him and trying to fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place…

Ah well, she’s learning, isn’t she? Can’t learn without making mistakes – and at least we’re making plenty of those. Meanwhile, we’re having tons of fun.


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2 Responses to Art studio: Planking the walls

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you Susan.
    You bet I'm looking forward to seeing this room finished. I'm not complaining though. We're doing really well, and everything is coming along just fine.
    We'll be able to put up the baseboards and threshold tomorrow, and after that we need to finish building the cabinet, and paint, paint, paint.
    It's going to be fun!


  2. Susan says:

    Its all looking great! Your daughter obviously has inherited your determination and resourcefulness. Looking forward to seeing this room finished (as I am sure you are!).


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