Play day

After having spent the last couple of days working too hard for too long, I had to pay the price. No fun.

So I decided today would be play day. I was going to play computer games and not much else. Or so I thought.

To ensure that I wouldn’t end up grabbing one of my power tools and “sod the pain, I’m going to do this now“, I chose to wear my dressiest blouse and a beige skirt.

It worked. Sort of.

I helped the hubby mount one of the doors on the saw horses and instructed him in how to use the hot air gun and strip the paint.

Then I watched him toil.

That felt good!

I snuck up on the girls as they were playing the piano. And took a picture, much to DD-14’s dismay. But really, how could I resist?

I also snuck up on one of the kitties sleeping on my desk chair.

Isn’t she adorable?

A couple of hours later I found the girls in the loft, in what’s going to be DD-19’s room. They’d been painting in there, and were enjoying their Tumbler “porn” (I don’t know why, but everything internet related is called porn in this crazy household) on DD-19’s laptop.

They never noticed I took the picture until it was too late. Ha!

And look who we’ve got here, checking on the girls’ progress…

I don’t think she was very impressed. She just checked the paint stuff out and strolled away, nose in the air.

No, I never got around to playing computer games. But for just once, I did take it easy. In fact, I sat on my butt for so many hours today, my butt must have flattened by at least one inch – and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Not with the size of my butt.


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