DD-19 can’t wait for her new room to be built. She’s just itching to start decorating. So she got out the paint and painted the wood under the windows.

Since I really couldn’t do much in the loft, and my dining chairs have been a thorn in my side for a couple of years by now (they really don’t look all that good anymore), I decided to revamp my dining chairs.

I got out my sander and sanded the first one down.

Didn’t even get all of the original stain off, so I’ll have to do some more sanding before I can apply new stain. But wait till I’m done. My dining chairs will be looking so good!

Oh, and then there’s my new pre-loved doors. Four of them, and none of them ready to go to their destined places in the loft yet.

Honestly? They look rather ugly right now.

But if you can look past the ugly, you’ll see the potential. Because once I’m done with these doors, they will be absolutely gorgeous.

And so I got out my hot air gun and spent the last two days stripping the first of those doors.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to play with my power tools. But this was like a trip to Hades and back. No fun. Layers upon layers of thick paint. Very hard to get off, even with the hot air gun.

But the first door is done.

As far as the stripping goes, that is. I’ll need to sand it, do some repairs, sand some more, paint… Lots more work, but at least I got that dratted paint off.

One down, three to go.

And I’m in pain. In much more pain than I should be, but that will pass. And besides, it gives me an excuse to let the house go to pot and play computer games tomorrow. Let the hubby have a go at the next door. And when he’s done, we’ll see who did the best job.

(What? Competitive? Who? Me?)


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