Bone tired. That’s what we are.

DD-19 and I worked for some 12 hours practically non-stop today, with only just a few short breaks for a drink or a bite to eat. But we’ve got something to show for all our hard work.

Firstly, the front yard hasn’t looked that neat and tidy in years. In fact I can only vaguely remember our front yard being really pristine, and that was shortly after we moved into our current home.

Next, we got some work done in the back yard, but when the green wheelie bin was filled to the brim again (which has happened a lot lately) we had to call it quits. The rain didn’t help either.

We moved on to DD-14’s room, where we emptied out a bookcase. With DD-14’s help of course. It’s her room after all. We moved the bookcase out of her room as well and her room looks much better for it.

Last but not least, we moved our butts to the Hoarder’s Den, aka Holy Loft, and got some more work done there. DD-14 helped for a while, too. My girls are the best!

So, this is what the loft looked like after the last time we worked our fanny’s off in there.

And here’s how it looked early this evening, when there was still enough natural light to take pictures. (I very much dislike having to use the flash.)

Fancy a game of “Spot the difference”?

Two determined women, one helpful teen, some nice power tools and a lot of elbow grease, equals a LOT of empty wall space.

Nice, empty wall space, needed for our loft conversion.

We’re nearly there.


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2 Responses to Progress

  1. Leah says:

    Susan, thanks for reading and commenting.
    I never really made a cost breakdown, but I think I spend a large part of my budget on fruit and veggies. I'll see if I can make a breakdown sometime soon, and will promise to blog about it.
    As for meat… Strictly speaking we're not vegetarians. We used to be, but as we all became very vitamin D deficient, we decided to add some fish to our diet – once or twice a week. Not nearly enough to provide us with all the vitamin D we need, but every little bit helps.
    Meat is expensive. If you want to cut down on your costs for food, I think even buying less meat (maybe going a day or two a week without meat) would help enormously. That's just a suggestion of course. I'm not out to make “converts” to vegetarianism. That's a personal choice, after all.


  2. Susan says:

    As I am making a huge effort to cut down my expenditure on food shopping, I am very interested in the cost breakdowns of your market trips that you provide. It is interesting to note that prices seem to be very similar to those here in South Australia. One thing I have noticed is that you never mention meat – do you eat meat or are you vegetarian? Meat takes care of a large part of my budget!


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