Playing with fire


Only handle it once. I wish I’d known that twenty years ago – but I didn’t. Oh, I used to be organised. I didn’t have any paper clutter, because I filed all those papers.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Bank statements, paid bills, certificates (both important and unimportant), letters, notifications… everything. By the time I got married I had a beautifully organised collection of papers, and I was sure I could keep it up.

I was wrong. I had children. And a border-hoarder husband. My life became busier and more chaotic than it had ever been before. And somewhere along the way I lost the organisation. My papers piled up and became paper clutter. And even though I found the FlyLady about a decade ago, I was never brave enough to really deal with the paper clutter. Until yesterday.

Yesterday I spent my day of unplugging sorting through piles and piles of paper clutter with DD-19. Today I went through even more piles of paper clutter, and now most of it is dealt with.

Two shelves in my bookcases were filled with paper clutter. Today that’s been reduced to only one. One entire cabinet was filled with paper clutter. It sits empty now. Let me repeat that: EMPTY. How cool is that? My printer cabinet was filled with paper clutter. Now it houses a container with DD-14’s home-ed stuff, a container with my writing stuff, and a tray with empty file folders – which we’ll most likely use again for DD-14’s home-ed projects after the summer holidays.

My desk is free of paper clutter. And wouldn’t it be lovely if it would stay that way?

Oh, and the girls got to build a nice bonfire. They kept it going for a very long time.

Even the rain couldn’t stop them. Because my pyromaniac girls just love playing with fire.

Me? I like a good fire too. But I like even more how we are gradually getting closer to our ultimate goal: Becoming minimalists. Or maybe, maybe we are minimalists already – just not on the outside. Yet.

We are getting there. Little by little. One babystep at a time. Just like the FlyLady taught us.


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4 Responses to Playing with fire

  1. Leah says:

    Your wish is my command. The post about the cleaning products is already there. Here's the link.
    BTW, I've also got a post about making my own liquid hand soap:


  2. Susan says:

    A post about making your own cleaning products would be very interesting. Now I understand why my earlier post disappeared – yes go ahead and delete it, I hadn't worked out how to navigage around your site and didn't know where I was!


  3. Leah says:

    Thank you for reading and commenting, Susan. The comment you left earlier is awaiting moderation, as you posted that with an older post. But as it's the same comment you posted here, I think I will delete it. Is that OK with you?
    Standing at the stove… I know what you mean. My feet always hurt like the devil when I've been on my feet for too long. (But I'm stubborn and might never learn.)
    As for freezing veggies, I'm lazy, so I always dump them in the freezer without blanching. Works for me. 🙂
    I buy some of my cleaning and personal hygiene products at the chemist's, but also make a lot of them myself. I might do another post on that soon.


  4. Susan says:

    Hello, I left a comment earlier today but it seems to have disappeared into the ether, so my apologies if you see this twice:
    I am enjoying reading your blog immensely, particularly about your shopping trips on the Spazmobile. I too have foot problems so my time in the kitchen standing at the stove is limited. I note that in one of your posts you said your husband peeled and chopped a swede ready for the freezer….what I would like to know is do you have to blanch these types of veges before freezing? I am attempting to make more use of my freezer so am learning as I go along. You are so lucky to have a lovely market near your home – here in South Australia so called farmers markets seem to be held only on the weekends and are often just an additional outlet for a retail shop and not a genuine farmers market. As you are trying not to shop at supermarkets I am wondering where you buy your cleaning and personal hygiene products? No doubt you have mentioned this somewhere on your blog but I am still working my way through all of your interesting posts. Keep up the good work. Susan


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