Bread and biscuits

After a not-so-good day yesterday, I had a really good and productive day today.

Earlier this week I indulged and bought myself two new glass loaf dishes. Today I baked two nice loaves of bread, and – as the oven was hot anyway – I decided to bake biscuits as well.

We are very fond of these middle eastern soft, crumbly melt-in-your-mouth biscuits, so I made those. They are a bit reminiscent of shortbread, only much, much softer and they fall apart easily. But they are just so delicious, I could actually eat the entire batch all by myself. If the girls would let me – which they won’t, as they love them too.

I also made yogurt and oat milk, but still need to do something with the oat pulp I was left with after making oat milk. I might make a sweet pudding tomorrow in use it up in that.

But first, I need to go and slice one of my loaves into neat slices, so I can freeze them as there’s no way we’re going to be able to eat two loaves of bread before the weekend is over.

As usual, I’ll be offline for the next 25 hours or so, to enjoy the Shabbat and my weekly day of unplugging. Why don’t you join me and unplug for one day a week too? You might enjoy it so much you may – over time – find yourself using your computer, TV, mobile phone, and other electronic devices less during the other days of the week as well.


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2 Responses to Bread and biscuits

  1. Leah says:

    Miss Nina, I'm sorry! I only noticed your comment today. It had been marked as spam! Well, that should teach me to check my “spam” comments more often.
    And yes, I do have recipes to share. You'll find some already on the blog, and I intend to post more recipes soon.


  2. Miss Nina says:

    Yum. Do you have recipes you can share? I have to admit, as an American, I'm always taken aback by “biscuit” fr what we call “cookies”, so I was expecting… well… umm… round scones? lol It gets me every time.


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