I sinned

Remember the hoodie with the frayed cuff? Remember how I questioned myself as to whether or not to replace it?

I gave in. I was in town with DD-14 this afternoon, and she wanted to buy herself some shorts, so we went to the secondhand clothes shop. Now, you might remember that shopping with my daughter is dangerous.

I browsed a little. And a little more. And then I found this really cool cardi. It was the perfect replacement for my frayed hoodie. It was a lovely green that matched my eyes perfectly. It was big. Really big. As in oversized big. Because it’s really menswear, but that has never stopped me. Oh, and it was cotton. I love cotton.

And did I mention it was preloved? So I’m really in the clear for that one. And really, even though the old hoodie is going out, it won’t get wasted. It’s going to be recycled, so I won’t have to feel guilty about that.

But I still sinned. Because I also bought a new preloved pullover. Because I really liked it, and I wanted some more colour in my wardrobe. And because I decided it was really no use hanging on to that simple brown pullover that I’d worn maybe once or twice in the three or four years I’ve had it. One in, one out. I still “sinned” though, as that brown pullover was still as good as new, and most certainly not worn out at all.

To make things even worse, I also bought myself a pair of trousers. Lovely trousers, that will also add more colour to my wardrobe, and will replace one of the pairs of trousers currently in my Project 333 selection.

Now guess what? Even though I “sinned”, I won’t feel guilty, and I won’t repent. Because I’m really happy with my purchases. Although I’ve still got the exact same number of clothes in my wardrobe, I’ve really added something to it that it lacked before: colour and variety.

See what I mean? No brown, black, burgundy or grey here, but lovely vibrant colours. And that’s why.

Sinning never felt so good!


About Liam

Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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