Happily ever after

In my very first blog post I listed several things I’m passionate about. One of these things is home education. So far, I never wrote a blog post about how we incorporate our daughter’s home education into our lives. Today, I’m going to give you a glimpse into our adventures in home education.

When you’re a home educating parent – or even just considering home education – you will sooner or later (but probably sooner rather than later) have to reassure concerned relatives, friends, acquaintances, and even total strangers. And one of their biggest and most pressing concerns seems to be this one:

“But what about their socialisation?”

Trust me. I know a lot of home educating families – it comes with being part of that big home educating family – and I have seldom seen anything wrong with the social skills of all those home educated youngsters I’ve met over the years. Sure, some children are more socially adept than others. And the same goes for their school attending peers. So if there is one thing we do not have to worry about, it is our home educated children’s socialisation.

Having said that, the moment you decide to home educate your children, you will have to make sure they get to meet others. If home education meant that our children would never leave the house… well, that would be a very sad thing indeed.

Thankfully, our children do leave the comfort of their homes. They are out and about in the world (maybe more than their school attending peers) and meet plenty of people. People of all ages and walks of life. They meet them when they go out shopping, on field trips, on outings with other home educating families, just to name a few of the many opportunities our children have to broaden their social horizons and maybe even learn something new.

One of the things we’ve always done to ensure our children met other people, was to enroll them in art classes. For the last two years, our younger daughter attended drama class, and last Friday and Saturday were big days for her. She was on stage as Cinderella in “Happily Ever After”.

Although she wasn’t too happy about having to wear a dress (she’s the short haired girl in the black-and-white dress), she did a really good job, and enjoyed herself greatly even despite the dress.

As I write this blog post, she’s at drama class again. The last class of this school year. There will be evaluations and recommendations for next year. She’s hoping to be able to move another step up the acting ladder – and she might just be able to do so. I hear she is quite talented.


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2 Responses to Happily ever after

  1. Leah says:

    Exactly Tara! Socialisation, to me, means learning to get along with all kinds of people, and not just a tiny selection of the one that happen to be your age.


  2. Tara says:

    I'm not a home schooling mom, but have LOTS of friends who are and would consider it myself if we were in a different situation than we are.

    We have tons of homeschool coops, study groups, scouts etc etc etc opportunities! Many times the homeschoolers I know are MUCH more socially adept than their public school peers.

    Look at it this way, how often are you in a group of 25-30 people within one calendar year of your birth? That is considered being socialized? Please. I tell people considering it but hesitant due to the socialization “issue” that if that is their only reason to hesitate that is not a real reason!


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